What Gift Do Women In Your State Want The Most? One Survey Found Out

Here's a crazy idea! If you want to know what women like to receive as gifts, just ask them! I know, right. I've always been somewhat of a visionary. And apparently so are Marshalls and TJ Maxx, because they asked women all over the country what gifts were at the top of their holiday wish lists, and then broke that information down by state. So useful, right?

And can I just say that feminism is super weird sometimes? Like, if I asked you what women wanted for the holidays and you said jewelry and kitchen stuff, I'd be like "that's sexist." Except that's apparently what women really do want. Or, at least the women who took this survey.

Personally, I'm super bummed that there's no state full of women requesting cat-themed fashion accessories, Ruth Bader Ginsburg wall art, or fuzzy unicorn slippers, but a girl can dream, can't she? Anyway, while these state surveys obviously don't represent what every single woman in the country may want, they might be a good place to start if you're on the hunt for that elusive gift for that hard-to-shop-for woman on your gift list. And if you still lack inspiration, you can always take a page out of Marshals and TJ Maxx's book and, well, just ask.

1. States All About That Bling

In more than half of the states in this great nation, women told Marshalls and TJ Maxx that they wanted to sparkle. As has been the tradition of queens, warriors, and heads of nations all throughout the history of humankind, women in states like Arizona, Florida, Ohio, California, Oregon, Nevada, and New Jersey want to build up their stock of jewels. And whether those jewels are for bartering with other nations, building international intrigue, or just looking cute, they should be in the form of rings if you're in Delaware, Louisiana, Mississippi, or Tennessee. Those Goddesses of Alabama, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Texas reported that it's all bracelets, all the time. Necklaces were tops in places like Florida, Illinois, and Washington DC, and women in Colorado, California, Kansas, and Rhode Island were trying to keep their earring games strong.

Here are some ideas for adorning the lady rulers in your life with icy.

Mia FioreRose Gold Plated Sterling Silver Love Ring, $19.99, TJMaxx.com

Gold Plated Sterling Silver Chandelier Front To Back Earrings, $24.99, TJMaxx.com

Sterling Essentials Sterling Silver 8-inch Heart Toggle Bracelet, $90.99, Overstock.com

Pendant Layering Necklace, $18., Nordstrom.com

2. States With Gourmet Aspirations

Sookie from Gilmore Girls. Piper from Charmed. Monica from Friends. There are just a few women off of the top of my head who threw down in the kitchen like culinary Avengers. If there's a Sookie in your life, (I'm talking to you, Alaska, Idaho, Iowa, Missouri, and Washington), then you're going to want to deck those kitchen halls (well, probably counters) in cool bakeware, small appliances and kitchen gadgets. But don't ask the recipient of these gifts to cook for you. Wait for the invite. That's just manners.

Allow me to be your kitchen muse:

Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer, $239.99, TJMaxx.com

Emile Henry Figue Bakeware Collection, $24.99, TJMaxx.com

smeg '50s Retro Style Aesthetic' Blender, $49.95, Nordstrom.com

Oster 4207 Electric Wine Bottle Opener, $14.99, Amazon.com

3. States Who Like To Eat

I really should have been born in Wisconsin or Minnesota, because at the top of those gift lists are gourmet food baskets. I feel like my long lost BFF who shares my aspirations of eating every snack food from every corner of the country lives in one of these states. Also, you should become my Twitter friend and we can talk about gourmet gift baskets together. Or, any food, really.

California Delicious Golden State Gourmet Foods Gift Basket, 8 Pound, $69.99, Amazon.com

Wine Country Gift Baskets Italian Collection, 39, Amazon.com

Art of Appreciation Gift Baskets Classic Gourmet Food and Snacks Set, Medium, $54.98, Amazon.com

4. States Who Like To Put Things Inside Of Other Things

Ahh New York, you land of classy ladies. You and Hawaii should get together and do brunch because you both have daytime handbags at the top of your lists. And if you're trying to make a SATC-type friendship group, New Mexico ladies requested laptop or tablet cases, and Georgia women were all about leather boots. Put those four together and you'll have your arm, laptop, and feet situation on fabulous lock. Or continued lock. Because I'm sure you were already fabulous to begin with.

Madison West Fringe Bucket Bag, $29.99, TJMaxx.com

Halston Heritage Leather Vapor Tote, $179.99, TJMaxx.com

MICHAEL Michael Kors E/W Signature Tote, $189.95, Amazon.com

Chacal Taylor Obtenu De L'avoir Shoulder Tote, $43.99, Overstock.com

5. States Who Like To Be Warm

Vermont women are totes into cozy sweaters, and I can't say I blame them. I've been there. It gets pretty cold. Massachusetts and Virginia also reported cozy sweaters as their most requested gift this year. They're the perfect complement to some sweet holiday sweater nail art, because that's where my priorities lie, but for you, the nail art might be the compliment to the sweater. Potato, pototo, really. Here are some cozy sweaters to warm even though coldest of hearts. Or arms. Or whatever is typically cold on your body.

Oversized Fringe Poncho, $24.99, TJMaxx.com

Jacquard-knit Sweater, $34.99, H&M

Women's Long-Sleeve Cardigan Sweater - Mossimo, $19.99, Target.com

Oh, and New Hampshire was the total outlier here. It's the place where women wanted wall art. So absolutely make one of those collages out of all of your Instagram selfies. Just maybe take out any with a lot of boob if it's a present for your grandma. You're still her little angel, you know.

So, as you can see, there's a lot of information to go over in terms of what women want for the holidays in all 50 states. Even if you're completely in the dark as to what that special lady in your life wants for the season, there are so many ways to take the survey's findings and personalize it — and that's always the goal, right? To acknowledge that every woman is fabulous and special in their her own unique way and to celebrate that? Yup. Exactly.

Images: Courtesy TJ Maxx/Marshalls; Courtesy Brands