"Bound 2" is Getting a Super Bowl Remake

Bad news, everyone. Kanye West's "Bound 2" video is starting to have a major trickle-down effect. First, it was parodied by Seth Rogen and James Franco, then on SNL, and now even the manliest of pro-footballers want to get in on it via a Pepsi commercial during the Super Bowl.

Even though the Jets won't be playing in the game, the Super Bowl is being hosted at the Jets' home turf at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, N.J. — so they've got to be represented somehow. What better way to... show your team spirit than by parodying Kim Kardashian during a Super Bowl ad?

Ladies and gents, drop the buffalo wings. Jets' center Nick Mangold, who's 6'4" and 307 pounds, is reportedly taking on the challenge as the latest male to play the blonde goddess on a motorcycle.

Mangold isn't shirtless on the bike, reports the NY Post, but does have a wind machine blowing his signature blonde hair. CBS sports analyst and former Denver Broncos and Baltimore Ravens player Shannon Sharpe will take on the role of West. "It was awkwardly funny," their source says.

The "Bound 2" commercial will be for the brand's "Halftime at the Grammys" ad, which is a mock concert within a commercial. Sharpe and other NFL notables, like Terry Bradshaw, Mike Ditka, and Deion Sanders have appeared in them before — but not as women.

I have a feeling this commercial will probably go viral and get its own Twitter handle, instantly.

But what do you think the chances are of it being parodied during the Puppy Bowl? Kitten Kardashian and Bowwow West? The possibilities are endless.

You can watch a previous "Halftime at the Grammys" commercial below: