Will Rey Inspire Luke To Return Home? The 'Force Awakens' Heroine Could Have Influence

When the new Star Wars sequel trilogy was announced, I started preparing myself to cope with a few cliffhanger endings. I watched the original three movies for the first time in a one-day junior high binge. In the mid-'90s, when the aftermath to Darth Vader's chilling admission was just a VHS tape swap away, I couldn't fathom how audiences dealt with the three years between Episodes 4 and 5 and then 5 and 6 in real time. Especially before the internet. I'm getting just a taste of that now with the open-ended questions left by The Force Awakens — in particular, what happens after Rey hands over Luke's lightsaber to the man himself. Luke's location and circumstances were a huge question mark in the lead-up to the movie, and the mystery persists in a lot of ways. Finding the last of the Jedi is the central drive for most of the action in The Force Awakens. Even after spending only two hours with her, it's clear that Rey is the appropriate person to go to him and finally make contact. But what happens after Rey and Luke meet?

Perhaps it depends on their existing relationship, if there is one. Fan theories abound that Luke is Rey's father, a conclusion that the movie definitely wants audiences to strongly consider. The distinct similarities between Luke's early days and Rey's may be a clue to a biological link; they may also be a way of drawing a parallel between her hero's journey to his, no familial connection at all. Based on that dramatic and silent final scene and the foreshadowing in the rest of The Force Awakens, one or more of these are the most likely possible outcomes to Rey and Luke meeting.

Luke Is Rey's Father & Leia Told Her Before She Left

Is that why Luke almost looks like he'd been expecting to see Rey? If Luke is Rey's father and Leia knows (which she must), then I highly doubt that she'd send the pilot off to fetch him without a casual heads up. Luke's face doesn't read "Who the hell are you?" in the moment that he takes her in. It reads, "Oh, you're here. Thanks for saving me a trip." And Rey handing over the lightsaber to Luke could be a quiet recognition of a torch based back and forth: the unspoken "I know."

Rey's Potential Is So Strong That Luke Will Be Drawn Back Into Training

According to Han and Leia, Luke got out of the training game when he lost their son Ben to the Dark Side. No one was closer to Luke than those two, and the guilt had to have felt insurmountable at the time. But Luke hasn't given up on being a Jedi. In fact, Rey may have snuck up on him at the site of the first Jedi temple. He still believes in the Force, even if he doesn't believe in himself. But Rey's exhibited Force sensitivity has never before been seen on screen in Star Wars, and Luke's shame doesn't let him off the hook for helping her to develop.

Rey Will Deliver The News About Han & Bring Luke Back To Face Kylo Ren

To be horribly honest, Luke probably already knows. But maybe Han was right, and Luke still is the best bet for either pulling Ben Solo away from Snoke and the Dark Side or taking Kylo Ren out of commission. The Greek tragedy factor is high in this series, and Leia may be counting on Luke's desire to avenge Han to help the Resistance defeat The First Order.

Here's hoping the next episode in the Star Wars series picks up right back on that mountaintop.

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