7 Times Stephanie Tanner Was The More Talented 'Full House' Sister —VIDEO

Stephanie Tanner may be the middle sister, but she is far from a shrinking violet. In fact, out of all the Tanner sisters, I’d say she is by far the most talented. Sure, Michelle was too cute for words and DJ was too cool for school, but, if you think about it, Stephanie was totally the sister with the real talent. Just look at this video of the Fuller House cast doing the Whip and Nae Nae. They’re all grown up and undeniably more confident in their moves, but it’s clear that Jodie Sweetin totally takes the “Watch Me” cake. Candace Cameron Bure comes in a close second with Andrea Barber doing the dance very much like Kimmy Gibler would. Still, this video shows that there’s no question that Jodie Sweetin was the real talent behind Stephanie Tanner’s moments in the spotlight. Because, compared to her sisters, Stephanie was totally the most talented.

Just think about it, while DJ was busy doing homework and Michelle was busy being Comet’s best friend, Stephanie was the one starting bands, performing in dance recitals, and entertaining her family with her true talents. In fact, some of the best storylines from the series showcased Stephanie’s dancing and singing skills. And this most recent video of Stephanie all grown up and still rocking it, totally proves that she was and continues to be the most talented among the Tanner sisters.

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Check out these other times that Stephanie proved herself to be the biggest talent in the Tanner household.

1. That Time She Danced To Motownphilly

supercopii on YouTube

And made all of our ‘90s dreams come true.

2. When Danny Was Convinced She Would Be A Star

emotionalknapsack on YouTube

With moves like that, who wouldn’t be?

3. When She Was The Hit Of The Telethon

Iman Aleem on YouTube

Who cared about Jesse and the Rippers when Stephanie hit the stage and danced to “Love Shack” to raise money?

4. When She Started A Band

GirlTalkRetro on YouTube

And proved she was a triple threat.

5. When She Taught Danny Her Moves

Anitha D on YouTube

Don't Danny’s pitiful dance moves prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that Stephanie is definitely the most talented Tanner?

6. That Time She Had “Good Vibrations”

Juli Grasso on YouTube

Does that girl ever miss a beat?

7. When She Was The First Kid In Space

emotionalknapsack on YouTube

NBD, guys. NBD. Little did these jerks know, she was the real talent in the family.

Don’t ever count out the middle sisters. They’re the ones that will sneak up on you and take all of the spotlight.

Image: ABC