9 Times Tom Hiddleston Was You During The Holidays

Let's face it: Sometimes it's hard getting through the holidays. It's a time of the year where you experience a lot of emotions. Well, guess what? There is one actor who totally feels you. Basically, Tom Hiddleston is you during the holidays. From constantly being under pressure to getting everything done (the shopping! the wrapping! the baking! finding the perfect spiked punch recipe!) to trying to get along with family without one fight to trying to not overeat (screw it, it's the holidays) to pretty much everything else you can think of, the holidays can be super stressful. Granted, they can also be joyful, especially when I'm in my pajamas eating cookies and watching Christmas movies on a loop.

Anyways, there are a lot of Hiddleston gifs showcasing the exact emotion you're feeling, facial expression you want to make, and thought you want to voice proving he and you are one in the same. I bet you didn't ever think that dream would come true. It's a Christmas miracle.

So, if you find yourself needing an escape when family keeps asking, "Are you seeing anyone?" and "When are you getting married?" scroll down and let Hiddleston console you during the holidays. If it gets really bad, just show your relatives this and say, "Let Tom do the talking."

1. When You Have To Go Shopping At The Last Minute

Yep, pretty much.

2. When You Bring Home Your Significant Other For The Very First Time

Not only are you probably nervous, but you're just hoping your parents don't say something embarrassing.

3. When One Of Your Relatives Says Something Ridiculous

You try to keep a straight face, because you know they're serious, but you just cant.

4. When You're Trying Not To Stuff Your Face With Cookies

You could stop at one, but why?

5. When Your Gift Wrapping Is On Point

I don't know about you, but gift wrapping is not my forte. However, when I do wrap a present and it's beyond perfect, well, it's a glorious thing.

6. When You're Baking & It All Goes So Wrong

All you want is for something to go right, why can't it be a batch of cookies?

7. When All You Want To Do Is Win Game Night

Hey, it's OK to be a little competitive.

8. When You Fight Over Who Gets To Open Presents First

Don't try and deny it. You know you want to open all your gifts first — no matter your age.

9. When You Finally Go Home & Change Into Your PJs

After spending time with family you probably don't really want to be around anyways, this is the best feeling ever.

Thank you, Tom, for make the holidays so much more bearable.

Images: hiddleston-daily, huginn89, thorthefallen1986/Tumblr; Giphy (6)