12 Christmas Gifts For Tom Hiddleston Fans That Will Honor Their Inner Hiddlestoner

The holidays are just around the corner, but it's not too late to get your favorite Tom Hiddleston fan a Christmas gift (or to buy one or two for yourself, no judgments here). The British actor had a really big 2015 between filming The Night Manager (due out in 2016), and promoting the releases of High-Rise in the UK and Crimson Peak globally. Two major Hiddleston movies released in one year? Yes please! What a fabulous 2015 us Hiddlestoners have had. We almost even got three films, but I Saw The Light was pushed to March. Still, there's no better way to celebrate his big year or the holiday season than with some Tom Hiddleston-themed presents.

Whether you're buying for a Hiddlestoner, or you want to send this list to someone to encourage them to buy for you, there's something for everyone in this gift guide. From the bookworms to the cinephiles to the Loki lovers, you can never go wrong with a Hiddleston present. And, with the holidays not far away, all the items on this list can be express shipped to arrive on your doorstep by Dec. 25 just in time to have a very merry Hiddlesmas and a happy Loki year. Ehehehenjoy!

For The Writer...

There's no denying Hiddleston has said some seriously inspiring things. Channel his wise words and your own thoughts inside this notebook.

Tom Hiddleston Quote Journal, $9.95, Amazon

For The Reader...

While your favorite Hiddleston fans awaits High-Rise's U.S. release, tide them over with the novel that inspired the film.

High-Rise: A Novel, $13.46, Amazon

Or, for the Thomas Sharpe-obsessed fan, get them the novelization of the movie. Edith Cushing would be proud.

Crimson Peak: The Official Movie Novelization, $5.62, Amazon

For The Honest Fan...

No Christmas sweater can be ugly when it has Hiddleston's name on it. (Also, same.)

Tom Hiddleston Ugly Christmas Sweater, $29.95, Etsy

Or, proclaim your love year round with this statement shirt.

I Love Tom Hiddleston, Get Over It Shirt, $15, Etsy

For The Loki Lover...

Even Tom Hiddleston himself would approve of this adorable Loki figure.

Funko POP Marvel Loki bobble head, $9.83, Amazon

For The Fashionista...

This store has Crimson Peak nail polishes for every character in tons of shades. You'll never be far from Hiddles if you wear his movie on your nails!

Crimson Peak Nail Laquer, $14, Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab

For The Fragrance Fan...

Along with a nail polish line, the store has perfumes based on the film. I can personally attest that the Thomas Sharpe scent smells exactly like I would expect that character to smell.

Crimson Peak Perfume Oil, $30, Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab

For The Avid Texter...

Never has a truer message existed on a phone.

Tom Hiddleston iPhone Case, $25, Redbubble

For The Caffeine Addict...

Proclaim your love for coffee and Hiddleston at the same time.

Hiddlestoner Mug, $20, Redbubble

For The New Year...

Ring in 2016 in style with your favorite actor's wisest words.

Tom Hiddleston Quote Calendar, $24.40, Redbubble

For The Bookworm...

Journal all your Hiddleston thoughts in this stylish stationary.

Tom Hiddleston/Loki Collage Notebook, $12, Redbubble

Images: Amazon (4), Esty (2), Redbubble (4), Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab