How To Get Eyebrows Like Olivia Culpo, Because It Isn't As Hard As You Might Think

Although she might be best known for her beauty, especially those Olivia Culpo eyebrows, the beauty queen, actress, writer, and musician actually has a really interesting life. You probably know that she dated Nick Jonas and Tim Tebow, but did you also know that when she won Miss Rhode Island USA 2012, it was the very first beauty pageant she had ever been in? Talk about stepping up to your first bat and knocking it out of the park. Did you know that she's been all over the world, doing, among other things, work for the United Nations Population Fund on HIV? Right! And, I hate to be that person, but dang, can we talk about that eyebrow game for a minute?

I mean, clearly Culpo is beautiful. She's an actual beauty queen. But those eyebrows might be the most stunning ones I've ever seen in my life. And, because I'm totes a good feminist, I would like to point out that before I started talking about her eyebrows, I mentioned her accomplishments, because that's the real heart of her life, amirite?

Anyway, now that I'm done congratulating myself for not just reducing women to the sum of their parts, it's time to get down to business, that business being those brows tho and how we can get them. Because I need them in my life. Like really bad.

1. Combing

In an article she wrote for Byrdie, Culpo said that really all she needs to do is comb them (or else they're all crazy) and she's usually fine. Yes, you read that right. Sometimes all Culpo has to do is comb her eyebrows and that's it, that's her entire routine. Having all that thick eyebrow hair that doesn't need a lot of fill-in is obviously not something you can learn. It's genetics. But it's nice to know that really great brows don't always need a lot of product.

2. Shaping

Culpo gave up waxing, stating that it was harsh on her skin. As a kid, she had really thick, bushy eyebrows that she was self-conscious about. Once she learned the right shape for her, she just started plucking them herself. Now Culpo uses tweezers, pulling out less than a dozen hairs every one or two days. Then she combs and uses small scissors to trim them. There's no special product or brow magic involved, just tweezers and scissors.

3. Filling

Even when Culpo is all done up, like to go out or to get on stage at an event, she rocks kind of a natural brow look. She typically just fills them in with an Anastasia pencil, according to Byrdie. She doesn't fill in the whole brow, either, just the light spots. Then Culpo uses a brush to blend and shape and she's good to go.

4. Tutorials

Now that we know that a lot of her eyebrow game can't be learned, we can focus our energies on how to get our eyebrows to their natural best. In case you need some help, I have assembled a few videos for you.

TheChicNatural on YouTube

And a little of this...

mayratouchofglam on YouTube

And some more of this...

Laura Lee on YouTube

Now that you're a brow expert, I highly recommend buying yourself a trophy, or, if you want to be like Culpo, your own crown and sash. Unless you already have a crown just for everyday wear. Because why not?

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