This Woman's Reaction To Oscar Nom Was Perfect

Oscar week brings a lot of joy for a lot of people, the absolute least of which is the people at home betting on who's gonna win. Last week we awwwed over Chiwetel Ejiofor's sister's emotional reaction on CNN to her brother's nomination and now we've got a genuinely great reaction from an Oscar nominee herself. One woman made quite the scene on a plane when she found out about the honor.

This scene — which I would pay literal money to have seen because it sounds adorable — took place when an unidentified woman started screaming, frightening the other passengers on the plane. It turned out the shrieking was a result of pure unadulterated shock and excitement, because the woman, who had done work on both Cutie and the Boxer and 20 Feet From Stardom, had just found out about the nominations for those two films.

The flight was en route to Salt Lake City, so there's almost no chance the woman wasn't heading to Sundance. According to Page Six's Mara Siegler, who apparently had a spy on the plane (read: someone also going to Sundance at that moment), “A flight attendant jumped. Everyone was alarmed at first, but then started applauding. They brought her a glass of champagne.”

We raise our imaginary chutes of champagne, Excited Woman On Plane. It's actually a $2 passion orange guava drink from the store down the block, but don't let that divert from our excitement for you. Who wouldn't react to an Oscar nomination with screaming? Cheers.