'The O.C.' Dos & Don'ts Of Throwing A New Year's Eve Party That Summer & Marissa Would Love

New Year’s Eve isn’t my favorite holiday. There’s too much pressure to have an epic time; the expectations are too high for any blow-out to live up to. But I’m not ready to give up on New Year’s Eve just yet, so I’m looking to The O.C. to help me plan a celebration that’s actually worthy of closing out this crazy year. 2016 hasn’t even done anything yet. It doesn’t deserve to be cursed by starting it off with a disappointing party. Enter Summer, Ryan, Seth, and Marissa.

If the characters on The O.C. are experts in anything (besides the best place to get burritos on the boardwalk), it’s partying. They know how it’s done, from black tie charity balls to pool house ragers. That’s not to say that a Newport bash doesn’t go south now and then. Break-ups, fights, missed connections, and deathly hangovers are just a few of the dangers of general revelry in Orange County. There are as many examples in the series of what not to do at a party as there are party goals. To prepare for a night out that deserves to be the last of 2015, here are the dos and don’ts of New Year's Eve partying, according to The O.C.

Do: Be Yourself

Hanging out with people who know you or just think that they do? Don't worry about playing into their assumptions. Alex had a lot of misconceptions about Marissa because of who her family was and where she went to school, and Marissa proved her wrong about them all. Do you, be open, and leave them wondering why they thought they had you pegged.

Don't: Lose Your Cell Phone

Don't find yourself relying on a Chino payphone like Ryan. Payphones can't order you an Uber. Are there still payphones?

Do: Get Your Stories Straight

Whether you live with your parents or you're just staying with them for the holidays, make sure you and your crew get your alibis in order before partying commences. Seth and Ryan committed to their 3D shark movie fib to explain away their late night exploits and Sandy actually bought it — or pretended to.

Don't: Forget To Knock Before Entering Any Room

Especially if it's not your house. Seth found this out the hard way at the first water polo team party he ever made it into. Like Seth, you may see something that you can't unsee, and who needs that mental picture of your ninth grade biology lab partner?

Do: Use This Opportunity To Kiss Who You Really Want To Kiss

Single? Stop looking at the midnight kiss tradition as a source of anxiety and start looking at it as an opportunity like no other. Make sure the other person's cool with it, obviously. As soon as Summer realized that she was kind of into Seth Cohen, she let go of most of her insecurities about their differences, and just let him know with a kiss.

Don't: Get Too Comfortable

Feeling relaxed and socially at ease like Summer's Brown frenemy Che? Great. Do not express this by spiraling into any behaviors that are best left until the party's over and you're free to be as weird as you like. Alone.

Do: Glam Out

New Year's Eve is an amazing excuse to rock glitter, bright eye colors, and hyper-glossy lips. Which, coincidentally, were all quite trendy in the early '00s. Save the understated look for work or school and try out something that would make Social Chair Marissa Cooper proud.

Don't: Lie About Your Status

You're a terrible liar. Seth was a terrible liar. Everyone already knows. Drink the coffee and let your friends keep you safe while you recover.

Do: Claim A Sleeping Arrangement

Crashing at a house party? Stake a claim on your sleeping spot before things get crazy. It's not rude, it's just practical. Seth may have been getting back at Summer for insulting Death Cab on their road trip, but he was also smart to grab the least disgusting sleeping space in their roach motel room.

Don't: Forget Breakfast

It's a new year. Don't skip the most important meal of the day. What would the Cohens think of a holiday breakfast without a bagel and a schmear?

Follow these steps and any resident of The O.C. would be proud to party the new year in with you.

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