Barack Obama Will Appear On 'Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee' As His Latest Moment Of Internet Domination

This will come as absolutely no surprise to anyone who is familiar with President Barack Obama as a pop cultural figure as much as a political figure. Apparently, Obama will appear on Comedian In Cars Getting Coffee, which will kick off Season 7 of Jerry Seinfeld's webseries. In a teaser for the new season, which premieres December 30 on Crackle, Seinfeld even calls the White House to see if President Obama can come out and play — "May I speak with the president please?" — only to have the president pick-up. While Seinfeld usually chooses the car for his guests, for this episode, President Obama plays host with a chauffeured black car adorned with the presidential seal. But, according to a Crackle press release, we will see Obama behind the wheel: "The episode featuring President Obama was shot at the White House earlier this month, and features both the President and Seinfeld driving a 1963 Corvette Stingray Split Window Coupe, and talking about life in the White House over coffee."

Of course, this news would seem much crazier if this was any other POTUS. Since President Obama was elected nearly eight years ago, he has set the bar for how heads of state should tackle pop culture. From the very beginning, this president, and his staff, seemed aware that viral content was one, it not the most, important way of connecting with the public. When your biggest supporters were millennials, then "Yes We Can" make some time to try and break the Internet.

While Obama has appeared on pop culture political staples like Saturday Night Live and The Daily Show, he's also made ample time for Internet-only media like Marc Maron's WTF podcast and comedian Zach Galifianakis' awkward talk show Between Two Ferns. The appearances are always two-fold. Sure, it's cool to see the President of the United States sitting down to talk to Maron about what it was like for him growing up, but he also makes time for the issues. On WTF, President Obama spoke out about the shootings at a Charleston, South Carolina church that left nine people, mostly African-Americans, dead, and addressed the need for better gun control laws. He's realized the people may not tune in to an hour-long address every few months, but they will make time for a short YouTube clip. Especially one where he pokes a little fun at himself.

His embrace of technology and humor has set a precedent for whoever should get elected next, because it's not enough to just be a good leader anymore. You need to be Internet savvy too. These six viral moments certainly showed the 2016 presidential candidates what they're up against.

1. Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis

President Obama proved he had jokes in this clip that has him answering questions about pardoning turkeys, North Ikea, his birth certificate, .gov websites, and being the last black president. When Galifianakis questions if he's bummed he can't run for a third term, President Obama says he thinks it's actually a good thing, otherwise it would be like doing a third Hangover movie. ("Didn't really work out well, did it?") But all jokes aside, the president was there to talk about the Affordable Care Act and poke a little fun at the website, which, at this point, was working. It definitely wouldn't be the first time he'd use a little humor to get you interested in healthcare.

2. Marc Maron's WTF Podcast

President Obama visited Maron in his garage to candidly talk about himself, and the country's issues with gun control. During the podcast, President Obama spoke openly about race, even riling some people up by using the N-word in the interview. It was the most revealing sit-down the president has given about what it's like to be the President of the United States — surprising, being that he was still in office when he gave it.

3. #YouTubeAsksObama Interview

Why would President Obama agree to be interviewed by YouTube personalities? It's a common question asked after it was revealed that the president would sit down with popular YouTube stars Hank Green, Bethany Mota and GloZell Green for a no-holds-barred interview. But the answer was very easy, as Adweek pointed out: he and the White House wanted to engage a younger audience. The questions, solicited using the hashtag #YouTubeAsksObama, tackled issues like racial profiling, college loans, same sex marriage, and drones — all things younger constituents are buzzing about. The interview allowed Obama to show his lighter side, a side his daughters Malia and Sasha probably get to see often.

4. His Selfie-Stick Video For Buzzfeed

What does the president do when no one's around? Well, he checks himself out in the mirrors, draws pictures of Michelle, practices his speeches, and uses a selfie stick. While some wondered how Buzzfeed got the president to actually use a selfie stick, the site knew exactly how: "Oh, because he wants you to go to" Yep, it was a PSA called "Things Everyone Does, But No One Talks About" that has the president sharing the details of Obamacare, and the deadline to sign up. February can be a hard word to say, so we get it.

5. Running Wild With Bear Grylls

President Obama got wild with Bear Grylls, munching on salmon leftovers from a bear and using someone else's smart phone as the two hiked in Alaska. But, even though he didn't get too wild — President Obama would not drink his own pee — he did use the experience to talk about the effects of climate change. Specifically the Harding Icefield, part of Alaska's Exit Glacier, which is shrinking at an alarming rate. “When you see this glacier, it gives you a sense of the magnitude of them, but what you’re also reminded of is how far it’s already receded, just since my presidency," he said. "It underscores once again why it’s so important for us to pay attention to climate change and understand there’s something we can actually do about it."

6. Grumpy Cat Analogies

If President Obama couldn't participate in someone else's show, he sometimes made his own viral content. Like the time he compared the Republican party to everyone's favorite meme, Grumpy Cat. “Why is it that Republican politicians are so down on America?” he asked. “Have you noticed that? I mean they are, they are gloomy. They’re like Grumpy Cat.” Adding, “Everything’s terrible according to them. We’re doomed.” And thus, he spawned a new name: Grumpy Cat Republicans.

Like John F. Kennedy before him, who used television to further his message, President Obama hasn't been afraid to embrace technology, finding a way to make his mark on viral internet content by getting people talking and hopefully thinking about the issues. Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee will probably be no different.