13 Photos From the Sundance Film Festival That Show Off Celebs' Goofy Sides

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One of the most esteemed and anticipated film festivals of the season, Sundance is well underway — ensuring that the forthcoming year of film's biggest and brightest make waves on the snowy banks of Park City, Utah. And it's an exciting year for the seasonal fête, as there are some seriously big names and groundbreaking doings underfoot.

For the stars involved in these upcoming features, the festival also means an influx in promotional responsibilities like interviews, round-table discussions, and screenings for days. It also means a lot of fun and funny photos are taken — because everybody in film loves a camera (I mean, duh). And given the polar vortex that has submerged the majority of our country into an increasingly chilly state of being, it's no surprise that the stars are feeling a little feisty.

We've rounded up the goofiest, silliest, and all-around best photos from the festival for you. Take a peek at how the stars represented themselves while representing their future projects.

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