Chris Harrison Has Shared Many 'Bachelor' Secrets

It's crazy to think that The Bachelor came into our lives all the way back in 2002. Since that time there have been three spin-off shows: The Bachelorette, Bachelor Pad, Bachelor in Paradise. This means that ABC has filmed a total of 36 seasons of shows to entertain Bachelor Nation over the years. And the one constant presence for the fans is the one and only Chris Harrison. The host has been around since the very beginning and I cannot begin to imagine everything he must know about the franchise. The dude has seen a lot. A lot of the production aspects of The Bachelor are kept pretty hush hush, but some juicy tidbits have slipped out over the years. Our boy Chris Harrison has revealed some interesting things about what it's like to film The Bachelor .

If fans can't watch new content on television whenever they want (come on Jan. 4!), then the reveal of behind-the-scenes information should be enough to tide them over. Although Harrison runs the game on the reality dating show, the script has been flipped several times over the years when hosts of other shows have interrogated him with need-to-know questions about everything related to The Bachelor. And every once in a while, the usually composed Harrison, shares some entertaining gems.

1. Andi Dorfman Picked The Wrong Guy

Talking to Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live , Harrison was asked if he ever thought someone picked the wrong person and he said, "Andi Dorfman. Obviously I think she ended up probably with the wrong guy." Well, they broke up, so yeah I would agree.

2. His Estimatation Of The Percentage Of Contestants Who Had Sex

In a 2015 interview with People , Harrison was asked about the number of contestants who have sex on The Bachelor. He told the magazine, "If I'm in Vegas and setting the odd, I'd go so low as to say 67 percent [of couples are having sex]." I'm not sure where he derived that number from, but I trust him on it.

3. He Has A Say In Choosing The Bachelor Or Bachelorette

Harrison revealed that he is "involved with and cares about" picking the bachelor or bachelorette in an interview with Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan. He emphasized that he is "definitely hands on" with selecting the bachelor or bachelorette. but that the casting department focuses on choosing the suitors each season.

4. Bob Guiney Shouldn't Have Done The Show

In an episode of WWHL, Harrison explained, "I love Bob. He's a dear friend of mine, but when I say that I think that when he got partially through the show he realized 'I'm not really there yet. I'm not ready to find somebody.'" That's fair enough without being shady.

5. No One Knows If Juan Pablo & Claire Had Sex In the Ocean

During the same WWHL episode, the host said, "I honestly don't know, but they definitely went far enough that he felt like shaming her later." It looks like this is a question we will never get an answer to.

6. Producers Take The Rose Supply Into Account Before Travel

Talking to People in a 2015 interview, Harrison revealed that when the show's contestants have to travel abroad, the producers assess the rose supply in the area to make sure that roses are in season and available for the elimination ceremonies.

7. The Fantasy Suite Is Equipped For Safe Sex

During a HuffPost Live interview, the 44-year-old was asked if there was a "little secret drawer full of condoms and lube" in the fantasy suite. He responded saying "Yes. Always safe. Anything you need to promote safe sex, we definitely promote that." That's good to know!

8. Chris Is In The Control Room While The Show Films

In an interview with Ellen DeGeneres, Harrison said, "I watch the show twice. I'm usually in the control room during cocktail parties and rose ceremonies." So you should always assume that he knows just about everything that happens on these shows.

9. The Initial Cocktail Party & Rose Ceremony Film All Night

Harrison told DeGeneres, "We are shooting into the wee hours of the night and a lot of the times for the first rose ceremony, the sun is coming up before we're done. Just logistically, trying to get 30 women out of limos to get into a cocktail party, introduce them, get [the bachelor] in, it takes all night." Well, that doesn't sound like such a fun party to me.

Harrison has really seen so much over the years and now I just wonder what he is not sharing. Hopefully the fans will be about to find out everything one day.

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