The 'Scream Queens' Season 2 Cast Would Combine Established Favorites With Exciting Additions

After months of theories and red herrings, the Red Devil killer was finally unmasked in the Scream Queens season finale. Though fans were given the answer we had been waiting for, the finale's cliffhanger left viewers with questions and wanting more. It’s no surprise that there has already been a ton of buzz surrounding Scream Queens Season 2, even though FOX has not yet renewed the series for a sophomore season. Still, fans are already eager know who the cast of Scream Queens Season 2 would be comprised of if the show does return.

Despite no official renewal news, the show’s cast and creator Ryan Murphy have already opened up about plans for next season. In October, at New York's Fan Fright Fest, Murphy explained that Season 2 would show the small pool of the first season’s survivors at a new horror location. So while Season 1 went with the theme of sorority-set slasher films, Season 2 would bring the characters somewhere new. And Oliver Hudson, who plays Wes, hinted on Watch What Happens Live! that next season could take place at summer camp. But, who would potentially be going to camp? Will all of the Kappa survivors make an appearance?

Here’s what we know about who would return to Scream Queens if it's renewed, along with who will be joining the cast — hopefully, at a perfectly creepy summer camp.

Lea Michele

According to E! Online, Lea Michele has discussed Hester’s future with Murphy, making it likely that she’d be on of the survivors returning to Season 2.

I've talked to Ryan about what her role would be in the next season being that she was the killer this year and the fact is that she gets away with it … So Hester would be there. And how funny would it be if all these killings started happening again, and if they found out that she was The Red Devil, she could just be like, I'm really NOT doing it this year, I promise? We've talked about how she then would unfold into another season.

Oliver Hudson

On Watch What Happens Live!, Hudson was the first to suggest the summer camp theme and hinted that he'd stick around for Season 2.

Keke Palmer

Keke Palmer also discussed the summer camp theme with HollywoodLife.

I loved the idea of the Summer Camp. I love that because it reminds me of Jason [from Friday the 13th], it reminds me of horror movies that I grew up watching and loving. I just love how Ryan taps into that stuff – that nostalgic stuff, and then flips it on its head; so, I’m excited to see what he’ll do with it. It’ll be fun for me in general because it’s like living a horror movie but in a funny way.

A Male Pop Star

At Fan Fright Fest, Murphy said that a male pop star will join the cast next season, according to Access Hollywood. But who? Some have guessed Adam Levine, Justin Bieber, or one of the guys from One Direction, though no rumors have been confirmed.

10 New Characters

Also at Fan Fright Fest, Murphy revealed that fans can expect 10 new characters next season. "I've already started to meet those cast members," he said.

The Survivors?

The rest of the survivors: Denise, Dean Munsch, the Chanels, Grace, and Chad, could show up next season — and hopefully they will! Especially if Chad and Denise getting back together is half as good as their break-up. Also, what’s the deal with the Dean and Wes? And, will Grace realize that Hester is more than her Kappa sister? Come back, Scream Queens. We need answers!

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