7 Jaclyn Hill Quotes About YouTube Hate That Deserve All The Praise Hands — VIDEO

There's so much work that goes into creating makeup tutorials that anybody who does it consistently deserves respect for their hard work, but this is the Internet, and there be trolls. That doesn't mean that YouTubers have to take it lying down. Jaclyn Hill’s inspiring video about YouTube hate tackles the issue head on, and Hill addresses viewers with such conviction and earnestness that her message is sure to be heard.

In the video, titled "Trying To Make A Change | Late Night Thoughts," Hill takes issue not with cyberbullies, but with those in the comments section. "This is about everything and everyone going on recently," she says, and reveals that she has elected to disable comments for two of her videos for the first time in her YouTube career due to negativity and infighting among commentators. As any woman active on social media knows, cyberbullying is rife online, where bullies can remain anonymous behind a computer screen, and the YouTube beauty community is no exception. Hill isn't the first to respond to cyberbullying on her channel — makeup artist Em Ford posted a legendary video response to the hateful comments that she began receiving when she started posting photos of herself without makeup to social media. To date, the video has spread its message of self-love and acceptance to over 17 million viewers.

Hill's approach to the issue differs from Ford's in that she is not confronting institutional hatred directed towards the appearance of an un-made up woman, but instead conflict that develops and escalates between trolls and those defending Hill. In her plea for peace, Hill asks that commenters stop and consider their motivations before submitting a negative comment, because "it has nothing to do with [makeup]." Hill then asks that viewers use the comment section to build a place of acceptance, positivity, and empowerment.

Clocking in at over 12 minutes, the clip is worth watching in its entirety. If you're pressed for time, here are the most inspiring quotes that summarize Hill's message.

1. When She Asserts That She's Not Just A Talking Head

"I think a lot of people forget that I have blood in my veins," Hill said. "I cry when I'm sad, I bleed when I get cut. I'm still a real person."

2. When She Takes On Flame Wars in the Comments Section

"What is going on? This is makeup. This is a makeup channel."

3. When She Calls Out People Fighting

"What [fights in the comments] say to me is that it has nothing to do with this video. It has nothing to do with me, it has nothing to do with my makeup look, it has nothing to do with the people that you're fighting with. It has nothing to do with any of this. It has to do with you. And that's really hard to admit."

4. When She Opens Up About Her Struggles With Mental Health

"I have so many mental issues I've worked through... I understand those people that are leaving those negative nasty comments... I understand that when you're unhappy you lash out at everybody. I get it."

5. When She Pointed out That There's More to Life Than YouTube

"Life is about love and laughter, and family and friends, and adventure, and God, and the greater good. That's what life is about. Helping others. Giving back. Feeling good about yourself in those ways."

6. When She Advocated Empowerment

"I just want our community to be better than what we are... I just want us to stand together... let's just empower eachother and encourage eachother. No one ever becomes successful by kicking others down."

7. When She Signed Off With a Smile

"I love you guys so much. Thank you for watching, and I'll see you on the flip side."

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Images: Jaclyn HIll/YouTube