This ‘Scream Queen’ Actress Just Left The House Looking Exactly Like Her Evil Character — PHOTOS

I’d say that this lady has diva status down when it comes to dressing, on and off of the camera. Emma Roberts paired an all-white outfit with leopard boots because it’s not just Chanel Oberlin who dominates the fashion game. Not only does she score major points for her winter white dressing capabilities, she also wins at life for owning those boots. I mean, spotted accessories are super chic, after all.

Her white hot outfit was pretty laid back, consisting of just a simple tank top and jeans, but it’s her boots that took the ensemble to the next level. This isn’t the first time Roberts has rocked the print, either, so clearly she knows what’s up when it comes to making a bold statement.

Luckily, there are a variety of ways that you can incorporate a little feline touch into your wardrobe. From coats to shoes to bags, there are plenty of leopard-print options that are super luxe and faaar from tacky. Take a lesson from Roberts on how to wear the pattern, and start mixing it into your outfits. There’s no better way to make a statement this winter. If you had the opportunity to wear something a Scream Queen and Roberts would approve of, you’d totally take it, right? Umm, obviously.

You better work.

1. Leopard Coat

Faux Fur Coat In Leopard Print, $86, ASOS Curve


2. Leopard Bag

Wild Side Faux Fur Bag, $58, Nasty Gal

You're going to be on the prowl with this bag by your side.

3. Leopard Sneakers

Adidas Originals With Leopard Print Back, $77, ASOS

Your sneaker game just got even better.

4. Leopard Ring

Cutout Leopard Cocktail Ring, $4.90, Forever 21

Even your jewelry can be feline-themed.

5. Leopard Booties

Justine Ankle Boot, $280, Free People

You'd look ah-mazing stomping around in these bad boys.

6. Leopard Tights

Plus Figure Enhancing Tights, $7.99, Kmart

Kill it with some leopard layering.

7. Leopard Beanie

Printed Grizzly Beanie, $48, Free People

Winter wear never looked so good, you know?

Get yourself some of this print, STAT. Because if I scroll through my Instagram feed and don't see some leopard, I'm going to be like...

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Images: Courtesy Brands (7); Giphy (1)