27 Plus Size Velvet Items For Your Luxurious Needs

What is winter without wearing as many plus size velvet clothes as you can possibly get your hands on? With velvet being so on trend this season, being spotted in this lovely-to-touch fabric will make you seem totally stylish as well as warm and soft. To be honest, that's the main thing I love about velvet — not just how gorgeously decadent it looks, but how wonderful it is to the touch. You can even catch me rubbing my own velvety belly on a night out. It's perfection.

Chubby Cartwheels is well known in the plus size community for its wide range of plus size velvet fashion, and that's only one brand for you to check out. With the current trendiness of the look — as well as all the holiday collections out there — loads of stores have a large and varied amount of velvet items available for your perusal.

Whether you've been a longtime velvet lover like myself or you're only hopping on board the velvet train to stay on-trend, you can't deny that these pieces are absolutely gorgeous. And with such a varied amount of velvet clothes at our disposal this year, I'm sure there'll be something on this list that is undeniably you.

1. Velvet And Lace Jumpsuit

Velvet And Lace Jumpsuit, $28, Boohoo

I own a velvet jumpsuit and honestly, it's one of my favorite items in my wardrobe. The lace sleeves on this one help keep the fabric from looking too heavy as well.

2. Velvet Treggings

Velvet Treggings, $27, ASOS

These high-waisted treggings are something a little more chilled out to lounge around in this holiday season.

3. Grommet Leggings

Grommet Leggings, $180, Tunnel Vision

The lace-up trend is being pushed to its absolute limit with these pants, but I'm absolutely in awe of them. These are for the rock chick you never dared to be in high school.

4. Velvet Tonal Sequin Dress

Velvet Tonal Sequin Dress, $38, Forever 21

This one features two of my favorite things in one. I'm obsessed with the beauty of the sequin and velvet combo.

5. Velvet V-Neck Skater Dress

Velvet V-Neck Skater Dress, $26, Boohoo

This stunning plunging dress comes in three different colors — black, blue, and this amazing red — so you can buy it in all three shades. The red is obviously the most festive.

6. My Usual Haunt Dress

My Usual Haunt Dress, $100, Modcloth.

This would be an amazing dress even without the velvet. I always adore a Peter Pan collar and the mesh is just the cherry on top.

7. High Neck Velvet Plunge Midi Dress

High Neck Velvet Plunge Midi Dress, $29, ASOS

The cut-out in this piece takes it from modest to flirty in the most subtle way. It's sensual and sexy; something your mom can't tell you off for, but wishes she could.

8. Natalie Dress

Natalie Dress, $65, Chubby Cart Wheels

Like I said, Chubby Cartwheels is the arguable leader of plus size velvet fashion and this simple but stylish skater dress proves it. It also comes in red and black, but I'm in love with this stunning teal hue.

9. Velveteen Chevron Dress

Velvet Chevron Dress, $17, Forever 21

I personally think a pattern printed onto velvet makes for an incredibly striking look.

10. Lady Love Song Dress

Lady Love Song Dress, $90, Modcloth

Go old school Hollywood glam in a dress Marilyn would've been proud of.

11. Tie Dye Cat Suit

Tie Dye Cat Suit, $120, Tunnel Vision

This gorgeous cat suit speaks for itself. I will say no more.

12. Velvet Skirt With Asymmetric Wrap Buttons

Velvet Skirt With Asymmetric Wrap Buttons, $29, ASOS

This wrap skirt proves that shape can often be more striking than fabric or print. The velvet is an added bonus.

13. Strappy Velvet Bodysuit

Strappy Velvet Bodysuit, $16, Boohoo

This is so cute that I wouldn't want to put on my skirt over the top at all. The strap detailing across the back makes the bodysuit just that little bit better than your average one.

14. Vintage Velvet Garden Button Up

Velvet Garden Button Up, $41, Tunnel Vision

Due to being a vintage piece, this floral shirt is one of a kind. So snap it up while you can.

15. After-Hours Authority Top

After Hours Authority Top, $28, Modcloth

I'm going to be so upset when the off-the-shoulder trend goes away. It looks so beautiful, especially in velvet.

16. Asymmetrical Burgundy Chain Crop Top

Asymmetrical Burgundy Chain Crop Top, $45, Ready To Stare

The chain shoulder strap is something I've never seen before, and I'm absolutely in love with it. It's all about the attention to detail, after all.

17. Velvet Strappy Midi Dress

Velvet Strappy Midi Dress, $16, Boohoo

Boohoo is absolutely killing it with all these strappy numbers. This dress is also available in black, for all your gothic velvet needs.

18. Grommet Skirt

Grommet Skirt, $65, Tunnel Vision

This one is for those of us who just don't do pants.

19. Velvet Luxe Sleeved Wrap Maxi Dress

Velvet Luxe Sleeved Wrap Maxi Dress, $148, Unique-Vintage

This velvet gown is the epitome of glamour, and if you don't like the purple, it's also available in green, blue, and black.

20. Mock Neck Velvet Dress

Mock Neck Velvet Dress, $18, Forever 21

The high neck and sleeveless look is effortlessly chic. When you add some on-trend velvet, you'll be ridiculously fashionable.

21. Velvet Wrap Dress

Velvet Wrap Dress, $18, Boohoo

A wrap dress is always a winner in my book, and the cut looks especially pretty in this red velvet fabric.

22. Velvet Bodysuit

Velvet Body Suit, $50, Chubby Cart Wheels

The bodysuit is a staple in most fashionistas' wardrobes. And IMO, so should a velvet bodysuit be.

23. Floral Print Velveteen Top

Floral Print Velveteen Top, $9, Forever 21

This tee is a total steal at that price. I wish more velvet items would include a print as well, because it always looks gorgeous.

24. Velvet Hanky Hem Dress

Velvet Hanky Hem Dress, $23, Torrid

This witchy number makes me want to pretend I'm in The Craft.

25. Velvet Rope Ready Dress

Velvet Rope Ready Dress, $90, Modcloth

This beautiful item has been used my many women as a wedding dress — just read the reviews — but I think it'd make you feel beautiful for any occasion.

26. Velvet Split Front Maxi Skirt

Velvet Split Front Maxi Skirt, $12, Boohoo

This long-length skirt could have been a bit too heavy in all velvet, but the front split alleviates the pressure and takes the skirt from grandma chic to regular chic.

27. Welcome To The Jungle Leggings

Welcome To The Jungle Leggings, $85, Tunnel Vision

These high-waisted leopard print leggings are everything I never knew I was looking for.

When it comes to velvet, there's clearly something out there for everyone. From ball gowns to city chic to hippy tie dye, you'll be able to stay true to your style while rocking this luxurious material.

Images: Courtesy Brands