See What Steven Avery Looks Like Now

It's been eight years since Steven Avery was sentenced to life in prison after he was convicted of murdering Teresa Halbach (something he's still insistent he didn't do.) As viewers of Netflix's Making a Murderer know, when Avery was sent to prison in 1985 on a wrongful conviction his appearance changed rapidly. He grew a long, wild beard during his 18-year stint that made him almost unrecognizable when he was released in 2003. So, eight years after his murder conviction, what does Steven Avery look like now?

Thanks to Making a Murderer, viewers got to catch up with Steven's girlfriend as of 2015, Sandy Greenman, who, along with Avery's family, likely provided the several photos we see of Steven in prison. Although the documentary didn't specify exactly which year they were all from, we can assume they're the most recent pictures of Avery the public has access to. He hasn't been seen out of prison since his 2009 post-trial hearing as his recent appeals for retrial have all been denied.

So, Greenman and the Avery family's personal photos of him post-conviction are all we have to gauge what he looks like today. Without an exact time frame for the photos, I organized them by appearance (since his hair changes a bit in each one) and when they appeared in the film. Since the documentary seemingly goes in chronological order, it's likely the photos we're presented with are also shown in chronological order. Here's what Avery looks like since his conviction.

2009 Post-Trial Hearing

Here's Avery pictured at his 2009 post-trial hearing two years after his conviction.

Unspecified Year During Sentence

These photos aren't dated but they come after his post-trial hearing in the documentary and his hair is shorter so it's safe to assume it's a year or so down the road from 2009. I believe the photo of him and Sandy Greenman is photoshopped as she states later she didn't meet him in person until seven years after they started talking in 2007, but yet his hair matches his early years of conviction rather than those down the road.

Later In Sentence

These come after the 2011 timestamp in the documentary and his hair is considerably shorter than before. One picture is taken at the same spot in the mural (in front of the Grant Co sign) so you can see just how much he's aged since he was first sent to prison eight years ago.

Images: Netflix (11)