This Food Gives You One Hell Of A Climax

Although oysters may lead to great sex, when it comes to foods for better orgasms, they don't don’t really cut it. Sure, they’re a natural aphrodisiac, but just because something helps with your libido, it doesn’t mean it’s going to produce the mind-blowing orgasms you want and deserve. In fact, oysters could get you all hot and bothered, but then fail you when it comes to actual climaxing. How depressing is that?

When it comes to having a strong orgasm, it’s about blood flow. There needs to be proper circulation in order for blood to get to your genitals and make the magic happen. What this means is that if you want to have even better orgasms that you usually do, or have a better chance at having an orgasm if you usually don’t, then you want to eat foods that aren’t just going to aid in arousal, but aid in blood flow. Oysters may turn you on, eggs make increase your stamina, and the smell of celery may be known as the “vegetable Viagra,” but that still doesn’t mean much when it comes to stronger orgasms.

So if you’re looking to increase your orgasm satisfaction, do yourself a favor and skip the oysters. Instead, reach for these eight foods and you’ll definitely feel a difference.

1. Olive Oil

Olive oil is literally a miracle food. Not only does it help fight heart disease and high blood pressure, and feed your hair and skin all the necessary natural ingredients to make them glow, but it also gives your orgasms a kick. Consuming olive oil helps with testosterone production in women, a necessary hormone needed for both the libido and orgasm achievement. So load up on the olive oil where you can.

2. Hot Peppers

According to nutritionist Kimberly Snyder, hot peppers help in creating stronger orgasms on two levels. For starters, they heat up the body, getting it ready for action. Secondly, they increase blood flow to the most sensitive parts of your body… your vagina included. A blood engorged vagina is exactly what one needs to have one hell of an orgasm.

3. Garlic

I realize when you’re thinking about sex, you’re probably not thinking about downing mass amounts of garlic beforehand, but you probably should. As much as garlic might do a number on your breath, the levels of allicin in garlic improve blood flow to your sexual organs.

I’d also like to point out that a recent study found that women are attracted to garlic-eating men, so if you’re nervous that you’ll be the stinky one in the bedroom, feed your male partner some garlic before you hit the sack. That way you’ll both smell like garlic, but probably won’t be able to smell it on each other. We call this a win-win.

4. Asparagus

Another stinky food that most people don’t want to associate with sex is asparagus. But while it may make your pee smell like a pungent nightmare, research has found that both men and women can benefit from the histamine production that comes with consuming asparagus, because lack of histamines have been linked to weak and infrequent orgasms.

5. Fish

When it comes to increased sensation, improved circulation, and a higher libido, you can’t go wrong with fish, and the fattier the fish, the better. Fish contains omega-3 which is essential in triggering arousal within the brain, making sure blood flow gets to all your important bits ― aka your vagina ― and its effect on sex hormones in both men and women results in greater sensitivity and sensation. I think we all know that the more intense we feel things, the more likely it is that we’ll have a stronger orgasm.

Walnuts, too, contain omega-3, in case you’re not a fan of fish.

6. Oranges

The Vitamin-C in oranges is exactly what the body needs to get your blood flowing efficiently to all the right spots. Blood flow and circulation are just a just a couple of the benefits that come with eating oranges and other foods high in Vitamin-C ― not to mention its ability to keep you healthy and happy during cold and flu season.

7. Red Wine

Not that you needed yet another excuse to consume red wine, but a 2009 study out of Tuscany, of all places, found that regular but moderate amounts of red wine are great for the sexual health in women. The study found that those who drink one to two glasses of red wine a day had higher rates of desire, lubrication, and blood flow. (Not to mention its positive effects on stress.) However, drinking the whole bottle isn’t doing you any favors in regards to more or stronger orgasms; if anything, it could make it even harder to climax.

8. Dark Chocolate

Similar to oysters, dark chocolate has long been associated with stimulating arousal in women and it does! But it also triggers feelings of pleasure and “stimulates physical contact desires,” basically enhancing the sensations you’re already experiencing. High levels of sensation with proper blood flow is your winning ticket to stronger orgasms, so follow that garlic with some dark chocolate and you’re golden.

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