How To Look Cute In A Santa Hat Or Reindeer Ears Without Flattening Your Hair — VIDEOS

Dressing up for holiday parties often requires you to look festive, and nothing says festive like a santa hat or reindeer ears. But let's be real — they can be pretty cheesy sometimes, right? If it's an ugly sweater party and the point is to look ridiculous, then that's all fine and dandy, but if you want to look a little more sophisticated (read: not like an eight-year-old), then you're going to want to find to learn how to look cute in a santa hat or reindeer ears. And it's all about finding the right hairstyle.

If your hair looks good, you can get away with a lot more. If you're wearing it in some wack-a-doo style, then putting something on like a santa hat or ears will start to border on costume-y. There's totally a time and a place for that, but if your desired effect is to look a little more chic and a little less quirky, then pick a polished and pretty hairstyle as your base, and top it off with your holiday accessory of choice.

Since there are only three days left before Christmas, here are a couple options that offer one-day shipping.

Santa Hat

Rubie's Costume, $8, Amazon

Santa hats can totally be chic. Remember the "Jingle Bell Rock" performance in Mean Girls?

Reindeer Ears-Red & Green

Grazing Antlers, $7, Amazon

Get extra festive with holiday colors.

Reindeer Ears-Brown

Reindeer Antlers, $5, Amazon

If colors feel like too much, basic brown always works.

Once you get your accessory, try these five hairstyles to help you look cute while rocking a santa hat or reindeer ears.

1. Soft Curls

Glam, voluminous curls might be overkill with the accessories, so try a loose, softer curl instead.

2. Dutch French Braid

Wearing a french braid to the side is a little more elegant.

3. Fishtail

Since a fishtail is generally a messier braid, it will help bring a bit of edge to the accessories.

4. Half-Up Fishtail

If you want to wear your hair down, but want it to look a little more special than your everyday look, try a half-up fishtail.

5. Low Ponytail

If you're wearing a hat, you have to avoid wearing a high up-do, but this low ponytail is messy enough to still have volume.

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