What Happened On TV In 2015? This Cheat Sheet Will Prepare You For A Conversation With Any Fan

At the end of the year, people across the nation are looking for the chance to reflect on everything that led up to the final month of 2015. Everything from world events to politics is up for discussion when people gather around. However, one thing that was tough to keep up with was what happened on TV in 2015. There seemed to be just too much television going around, and not nearly enough time to watch all of it. Every time you step outside, you risk walking into a battlefield of theories, references, and spoilers, and you want to be able to hold your own in conversation about those shows, even if you lost interest in Mad Men during Season 5 and don't know how it ended. To hep is such situations, I've put together a 2015 TV cheat sheet to help you make your way through any discussions about the year's biggest TV shows, because you know those conversations won't end when the year does.

I've distilled entire seasons into one easy sentence that covers a major event. If a conversation sprouts up involving this show, simply mention the corresponding sentence, and then sit back and nod politely for the rest of the conversation. It's a lot like getting by in a school class — Answer one easy question for the teach, and then you can relax for the rest of the class . Here are your easy conversation aides, which include MAJOR SPOILERS for the 24 biggest television series of 2015.

The Americans

"I can't believe they told their daughter the truth. That's not going to end well in Season 4."


"Such a shame it got cancelled, We'll never found out if they survived that fall! That art direction is just fantastic, though."


"Who would've thought a Lifetime original series could be so dark? I wonder if real producers are this evil."

The Walking Dead

"They should've just let Glenn stay dead, honestly."

Game of Thrones

"I hope they don't let Jon Snow stay dead, honestly."

Grey's Anatomy

"I can't believe McDreamy is dead." [shake head and frown]


"ALIENS! They put Aliens in the show! That's crazy! It was still a great show, but aliens?"


"Wow, Kingpin was such a good villian. Do you remember that Hallway fight scene? Oh man, what a good fight scene — one take!"


"I hope Felicity is OK." [shake head and frown]

Better Call Saul

"It's not as good as Breaking Bad yet, but that confrontation between Saul and his brother? Heartbreaking."

You're The Worst

"You've got to watch it. It's the best portrayal of depression on television ever done — and it's hilarious. Aya Cash is so good."

Jessica Jones

"You've got to watch it. It's the best portrayal of post-traumatic stress disorder on television ever done — and it's action-packed. Krysten Ritter is so good."

The Leftovers

"So was that hotel Purgatory? Heaven? Was it a different timeline? No wonder it's done by the same guy who wrote Lost."

Orange Is The New Black

"I actually think I'm really starting to like Piper — but I can't believe that Bennet just bailed on his child. He seemed like a nice dude."

Mr. Robot

"Oh, I saw that big twist coming from a mile away, but can you believe that Darlene is his sister? I did not expect that."

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D

"Fitz and Simmons finally got together! Fitzsimmons forever!"

True Detective

"Remember how great Season 1 was? Real shame about Season 2."

The Jinx

"Can you believe Robert Durst left the mic on? It's one thing to talk to yourself in the bathroom, but you left your mic on? Wow."

The Last Man On Earth

"The characters are way more likable now, and Jason Sudeikis is an astronaut!"

Jane The Virgin

"They kidnapped that baby! I didn't think that they would go that far."


"How great is Cookie? 'I'm here to get what's mine!' — How good was that moment?"

The Good Wife

"Wow, Archie Punjabi really left? Wow."

South Park

"I can't believe the whole season told one long story! They've never done that before!"

Mad Men

"It just makes sense that Don Draper would reach a state or nirvana and think up that 'I'd like to buy the world a Coke' ad, doesn't it?"

May your 2016 be filled with TV fanatics nodding appreciatively your way as you drop these knowledgable lines.

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