15 Glittery +Size Items For Year-Long Sparkle

This time of year is all about the sparkle, which we can totally apply to ourselves as well by investing in some plus size glittery clothes. After all, if it not now, then when? I'm a strong believer in rocking sequins and sparkle all year round, but I completely understand those among us who don't love such look-at-me designs. That being said, I believe everyone should have at least one glittery number in their wardrobe to pull out over the holiday season. Even if it's something as simple as a sparkly sweater, you just can't help but get into the holiday spirit when you're covered in glitter .

Almost half of my wardrobe contains some kind of sparkle. The style just makes me feel good. I strongly believe that wearing fabrics and designs that you like to look at is so much better for the soul than something plain or monochromatic. It'll make you feel a little bit special, which everyone deserves.

And when else in the year is this large a range of glittery fashion readily available? Yep: Stocking up on our glittery garments now is a must. Maybe you should be buying for other people right now, but why not treat yourself to a fabulous sparkly dress too?

1. Glitter Lined Mesh Skater Dress

Glitter Lined Mesh Skater Dress, $19.99,

The mesh layer to this glittery dress gives it an extra edge and a lovely effect.

2. V-Neck Split Side Glitter Jumper

V Neck Split Side Glitter Jumper, $30,

This is a more casual take on sparkly clothes. It's something to make you feel special while you eat 20 cookies and fall asleep during The Grinch.

3. Glitter Stripe Cami

Glitter Stripe Cami, $40.99,

A cami is one of the most casually chic items in your wardrobe and these different tones of glitter stripes only add to that look.

4. Plunge Glitter Dress With Asymmetrical Hem

Plunge Glitter Dress With Asymmetrical Hem, $44,

This is the perfect party dress. I especially love the cut-out detail, so you can show off the goods without getting too cold.

5. Glitter Dot Tulle Skirt

Glitter Dot Tulle Skirt, $23.99,

There's nothing like tulle to make you feel like a fairy princess. Oh wait, there's peachy, glittery tulle. That's definitely way better.

6. Sweet Staple Dress In Moonlit Navy

Sweet Staple Dress In Moonlit Navy, $41.99,

This pattern is so dreamy, giving this piece total night sky vibes.

7. Glitter Knit Bardot Top

Glitter Knit Bardot Top, $45.99,

Bardot style tees always look so effortlessly beautiful, and the addition of glitter helps give the top a more party edge.

8. Glitter Blouson Sleeve Skater Dress

Glitter Blouson Sleeve Skater Dress, $86,

This is probably the most intense glitter look yet, but thanks to the casual style of the dress, it totally works.

9. Glitter Trim Strappy Jumpsuit

Glitter Trim Strappy Jumpsuit, $49.49,

Jumpsuits are one of my absolute favorite styles of clothing, and the addition of glitter will take this one straight into the new year.

10. Wrap Front Glitter Bodycon Dress

Wrap Front Glitter Bodycon Dress, $18,

I love that this dress only sparkles in the upper half, giving us a more adult-like take on the glitter trend.

11. Glitter Velour Dress

Glitter Velour Dress, $120,

Not only is this dress glittery, but it's velour, making it seem way more expensive than it actually is.

12. Glitter Wrap Romper

Glitter Wrap Romper, $19.99,

Between the wrap-front and the glitter fabric, this romper is a total win for winter. Pair it with some glittery tights to get the full sparkle effect.

13. Black And Gold Glitter Tulle Skirt

Black And Gold Glitter Tulle Skirt, $85,

This black and gold effect is a lot more grown up than the aforementioned peachy number, and perfect for your next big party.

14. Glitter Star Flutter Sleeve Maxi Dress

Glitter Star Flutter Sleeve Maxi Dress, $70,

This dress isn't messing around when it comes to it's glitter theme, going all-out through the glittery stars. It's an effect I'm totally on board with.

15. Glitter Stripe Maxi Dress

Glitter Stripe Maxi Dress, $47.99,

Vertical stripes on a maxi dress always look gorgeous, highlighting the length of your body. Plus, that sexy front split helps stop this garment from getting too heavy.

So whether you're a glitter enthusiast like myself or you're just investing in something sparkly for the holidays, there should be something here for everyone. Like I said, we should all own at least one sparkly thing, right?

Images: Courtesy Brands