Stefon Reviews Bill Hader's New Movie

Based on Bill Hader’s eclectic array of loud and oh-so-memorable characters from Saturday Night Live, one might expect his foray into film to follow the same sort of go-big-or-go-home delivery. Such is not the case for the Sundance charmer The Skeleton Twins co-starring Hader and fellow SNL alum Kristen Wiig. The story follows a pair of estranged twins who cheat death on the same day and reunite as a result of their near-death encounter.

Hader recently sat down with The Huffington Post to discuss the nature of independent filmmaking and the transition between Live from new York to Park City, Utah. According to Hader, “For me, approaching it is different than anything else I've ever done — and it's also the biggest role I've had in a movie, too. So I was very happy that I got to do a bigger role and also do something different than what people kind of expect from you —especially coming off SNL.”

The Skeleton Twins definitely sounds like a far cry from Studio 8H — and that’s a good thing. Will Ferrell’s performance in Stranger than Fiction was so subtle and human that it made me wish he did more acting and less yelling on screen. Here’s hoping Hader keeps it coming with his comedic brilliance and piercing performances.

But let’s not push Hader’s mad doctor exuberance completely out the door. Here’s how we think Stefon might take on Hader’s newest project:

Sundance’s hottest film is The Skeleton Twins and it. Has. Everything. Bill Hader and Kristen Wiig in a pool, Will Forte doing interesting stuff and hey what’s that over there? Is it Craig Johnson in a chemistry lab? No. It’s Beaker from The Muppets drawing pictures of SNL cast members in the sky with sparklers.

And just when you think Park City couldn’t get any crazier, in walks a Mormon mime interpretation of Modern Family being paraded like a high school marching band by Ty Burrell.

And if you really want to get skele-wild, come to opening night where producers hire human avatars. That’s right, a party of Tisch acting school students in green body suits with your face digitally projected on it. It's Utah's hottest show.

Image: apeman2/Tumblr