Will Paige Return To 'Pretty Little Liars' Season 6B? Lindsey Shaw Weighs In On Her Character's Future

It feels like forever ago since we last saw Emily's former PLL love interest, Paige, grace our television screens. Sure, she's been mentioned from time to time, but as far as seeing her with our own two eyes goes, our beloved Paige has been MIA for far too long. However, that doesn't necessarily mean she has left Rosewood for good. While discussing her latest project Hers & History , Bustle asked Lindsey Shaw herself about whether or not Paige will ever return to Pretty Little Liars in Season 6B. And while she couldn't outright confirm anything, she did offer up the hopeful possibility that her character will be back at some point down the line.

"I mean, I can't speak to that yes or no, but I don't think that this is the end of Paige in Rosewood," Shaw teases, along with adding that "there's always the possibility. And if she doesn't show up, she's still there in spirit." Naturally, we understood why Paige originally departed from the show in the hopes of trading in all of the A drama for some California sunshine. But now that A has finally been unmasked, I don't see any reason why she should still keep her distance. After all, I think there are many viewers out there who would love to see a Paily reunion. And Shaw is definitely one of them.

For her part, Shaw is eager to return to the PLL set and misses the character just as much as we do. "I hope so too," the actor stated regarding Paige's potential return to the series. "I really miss Paige and Emily, and Paily, and Shay, and just that entire family. So we'll see when a reunion will happen, but I wouldn't count it out." So there you have it, folks. It's not an outright confirmation, but it certainly paints a hopeful future for Paige's future. Emily has had such a forlorn love life throughout the years, so it would be great to see these two reconcile and potentially get the happily ever after they so very much deserve.

And as an added bonus, Shaw revealed that she would love to have the PLL gang guest star on her new web series Hers & History that's currently in development. (The project will center around Shaw's character, Karina, and her boyfriend Luke as they decide to recount their sexual pasts to each other.) "That would be so fun," Shaw states, regarding the crossover idea. "There are so many raunchy characters for Shay Mitchell or any of those beautiful ladies to play in this." So let's make this happen, shall we? Also, #TeamPaily4Ever!

Images: Eric McCandless/ABC Family; f*ckyeahpaigeandemily/Tumblr (2)