9 Tricks For Super Long-Lasting Makeup

by Emily McClure

Beat product meltdown by learning how to truly make your makeup last all day long. With a few unexpected techniques, you can change your makeup from sad and fading to wonderful and radiant. It's all about learning how to properly use the products that you already have. No cosmetology degree required! These makeup hacks are so easy that any beauty lover can do them. It's that simple.

When it comes to fading makeup, we've all been there. Passing our reflection only to notice that our dark circles and sexy chin zits are on display for all to see. It's super annoying. You would think that with all that buffing and blending makeup would never budge! However, it's time to banish that mid-morning touchup. It may sound crazy, but there really are ways to make sure that your makeup looks flawless from sun-up to sun-down. Don't believe me? Here are a few of my favorite makeup hacks for making your makeup last all day long.

1. Sandwich Your Makeup

One of the biggest tips that I can give you as a makeup artist is to sandwich your makeup. This means to layer any cream or liquid based product with a matching powder. Layering your products like this may seem unnecessary, but it really does wonders for the longevity of your makeup. Even celebrity makeup artist, Kandee Johnson swears by this technique!

2. Prep Your Base

While using a primer may seem like an unnecessary step, it totally isn't. Primer helps your foundation to last longer, blend into your skin, and help to blur any imperfections. It's a simple way to ensure that your makeup looks completely flawless. However, not every primer suits every skin type. Check out the video above where makeup artist, Justin Tyme explains how to choose the right primer for your skin type.

3. When You Should Really Blot Your Face

Prevent makeup meltdown by removing excess oils from your face after you apply foundation. Makeup artist and YouTube star, Wayne Goss suggests to simply blot your foundation with a tissue after it's been applied to remove excess oils. Don't worry your makeup won't rub off. I like to take this a step further by doing the same technique after I apply my morning moisturizer. This removes the oils that haven't sunk into my skin.

4. Refresh Your Face Before You Blend Your Foundation

This is an amazing trick for those who want flawless looking foundation that still looks like skin. Simply dot your foundation over you face, and then spritz your skin with a hydrating mist. The mist will help to recharge your skin as well as your foundation for easier blending. The more the foundation can blend into the skin, the better chance it has to adhere to it aka longer lasting foundation.

5. Use Loose Powder Effectively

Like Kandee Johnson, I love using a damp beauty sponge to apply my translucent powder. While this might sound crazy, it honestly changes the look of your makeup. The sponge allows you to apply just the right amount of powder to set your foundation without looking caked on.

6. Choose Oil-Free Formulas

According to Real Simple, “Oil-free formulas stay put best, since they don’t contain the emollient ingredients that can make makeup slide off your face." Have your base makeup last all day long by reaching for a foundation formula that is free of heavy oils.

7. Set Your Eyeliner With Eyeshadow

Ever notice that your eyeliner slides off during the day? Set your eyeliner in place by using a similar colored eyeshadow. The powder helps to set any oils that they eyeliner may contain. Plus, it's a great way to deepen the look of your liner.

8. Buff Away Dead Skin suggests that dead skin cells can be one of the biggest reasons that your foundation isn't looking its best. Give your makeup the perfect texture to adhere too by buffing away any built up dirt and oils.

9. Prevent Lip Color Fading

Don't get dismayed by fading lip color. Makeup artist, Jeanine Lobell told the best way to make your lip color last all day long. Layer a cream lipstick over a matching stain for long-lasting color.

Don't let your beauty routine get the best of you. Make makeup meltdown a thing of the past by using these nine beauty hacks.