Kim And Kanye Are Going To Make Their Own Wine

If you think Kim Kardashian and Kanye West already have their hands in plenty of pots — what with their tech takeover, their rap stardom, and their status as reality television’s most talked about couple — then you would be wrong. Because Kanye West and Kim Kardashian West never seem to have enough on their plate. With a new baby born on December 5 and a major remodel being done on their estate in Hidden Hills, California, another project is never too much for these megastars. Which is why it comes as no surprise, that according to US Weekly, Kim and Kanye are planning on rehabilitating a vineyard that used to grow on their property and will be making their own wine.

Considering that Kanye has been rapping about wine since the beginning of his career, I’m not at all surprised. Of course Kim has been open about the fact that she rarely, if ever, consumes alcohol. But her husband has other priorities when it comes to substances, admitting during the MTV VMA Awards in 2015 that he had smoked pot in the limo on the way to the ceremony. Regardless of Kim’s reluctance to drink in excess, it seems from some of Kanye’s lyrics that making and enjoying wine has always been something he’s been interested in.

“Y'all gon' sit down, have a good time this reunion / And drink some wine like Communion”

These lyrics from his song “Family Business” definitely show how Kanye finds time for wine in his life. It’s something that the rapper sings about celebrating with, enjoying a reunion with either friends and family and a nice glass of vino. And, really, who doesn’t?

“Black girl sippin' white wine”

Here, in “I’m in It,” West plays on a common motif in his music — the juxtaposition of black and white — to signal issues of race and difference. But when it comes to wine, it’s something Kanye seems to have had on his mind for just as long.

“Hotter than a middle eastern climate / find it Tony Matterhorn dutty wine it”

Sure, Dutty Wine is a dance commonly found in reggae dancehall music, and this reference in “Monster” is a nod to Tony Matterhorn’s song by the same name, but the number of Kanye songs that mention wine in any context makes the news that he’s going to be making his own seem like no surprise.

"We do whatever/ Hypno, Cris though, I mean whatever/ Saracco Moscato it do taste better ... "

Yes it do, Kanye. Yes it do. I fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if the wine that Kim and Kanye make from their new vineyard is the Moscato that this rapper seems to enjoy so much.

“I can’t handle no liquor”

Here’s hoping that the lyrics from West’s “Hold My Liquor” don’t come true once he and Kim are corking bottles on their own property.

Really it’s no surprise that Kanye is going into the wine making business. Although the wine will not be available for sale, I’m sure we’ll see plenty of it at future Kardashian celebrations. Keep your eyes peeled for a label with Yeezus crucified on a grape vine, his head and hands bleeding wine.