The One Key To Flawless Brows

Ever since Cara Delevingne hit the scene a few years ago, many of us have added some form of eyebrow grooming to our beauty routine. All of a sudden having groomed, and more importantly, not over-plucked, eyebrows became a necessity. While Delevingne brought big eyebrows back, I think her bushy brows encouraged the world to let their eyebrows grow out a bit — gone were the thin eyebrows that reigned supreme in the past. After witnessing this, I decided that the one key to flawless brows is to embrace their natural shape.

I, for one, have naturally thicker brows with a slight arch, and the hairs tend to grow upward on only one brow. While it's annoying that only one of my brows grows upward, I use my left brow as the model for my right brow when I'm combing them each morning (yes, I comb my eyebrows, but not my hair. It's fine.). Following my own advice, I make sure to work with my eyebrows' natural shape by only plucking the stray hairs underneath your brow and avoid plucking the hairs above. This will allow you to enhance the shape, but keep them looking effortless and natural, like Gigi Hadid's brows.

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I'll give you a bonus tip: If you have thicker brows, you can keep them looking neat by combing the hairs up and trimming them with cuticle scissors. Comb them back into their normal shape and voila, perfect brows every time.

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Try keeping a spooley brush on hand for easy brow maintenance. This one from Anastasia Beverly Hills is highly rated and comes with an angled brush that you can use for filling in the brows with powder or pomade.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brush #12, $18, Sephora

Image: Sephora