'PLL' May Have Just Cast Toby's New Girlfriend

I know that Haleb tends to get all of the love when it comes to Pretty Little Liars ships, but as much as I adore Hanna and Caleb's lovefest, I've always found the passionate relationship between Spencer and Toby to be the more intriguing. (After all, it's not everyday that you go from thinking someone's a murderer to calling them your happy ending.) Unfortunately, as fans officially learned in the "5 Years Forward" special, Spencer and Toby are broken up after the time jump, and likely have been for a while. Tragically, if you were hoping for a reunion between the two exes when Season 6 returns, you may need to brace yourself — because Pretty Little Liars may have just cast Toby's girlfriend.

According to E! Online, PLL just cast Kara Royster in a recurring role as Yvonne, and those squarely in camp Spoby will not be happy about how she's described. According to the report, Royster's character Yvonne is described as smart, sleek, and classy — not unlike Spencer herself. She's also apparently an "important person in [Toby's] story and life." As we learned in the "5 Years Forward" special, Toby meets Yvonne during a robbery, so Toby may very well be Yvonne's "knight in shining armor" who rescues her from a seriously bad situation.

That's cute and all, but that doesn't mean that we're going to start shipping Toby and Yvonne instead of Toby and Spencer. In fact, I'm already slightly suspicious of this new girl in Toby's life: there's something just a tad shady about the fact that he met her in such a seemingly kismet way. Could Yvonne be hiding something? She certainly wouldn't be the first person in Rosewood to do so.

But before fans freak out about Toby's relationship status with Yvonne, E! Online did say that Toby would be "single" when the show picked up again. There's definitely a possibility that Yvonne and Toby's relationship hasn't bloomed yet, and may not officially start for a while. According to the report, Yvonne won't show up until four episodes into the new season, so until then, here's hoping that Spoby can rekindle very quickly.