10 Adorable Celeb Christmas Eve Instagrams

Forget the fruitcake: Getting the best Christmas-themed picture, when you're a celebrity, is all about taking it in an unexpected direction. A quick snap of your beautifully-decorated table setting is all well and good, if you're Sofia Vergara and that's your thing, but it will not, for all intents and purposes, get you onto this very prestigious list. Doing so requires cuteness of a far more calculated variety.

Taking a cute Christmas picture, fortunately, isn't that hard. It's almost formulaic, actually: Just add a baby or a pet and you're golden. You have a number of options: You can follow the leads of Naya Rivera and Kelly Clarkson and show off your baby posing with Santa Claus. (Easy.) Or, if you're sans baby (or all the Santa's at your local mall are currently busy), you can make like Kim Kardashian, Martha Hunt, and Uzo Aduba and post a throwback of you in seasonal attire. (Bonus points if you're wearing a commendably outdated onesie, like in the picture Lena Dunham posted of Jack Antonoff.)

Of course, Taylor Swift already won Christmas, like she does every year, but these celebrity Instagrams prove you don't need to be a holiday ace to rack up tons of likes. Here are the ten cutest Christmas Eve snaps in all of Instagram.

Naya Rivera

The Glee alum shared this festive snap of her three-month-old son, Josey.

Kelly Clarkson

On the other hand, Kelly Clarkson's daughter, River Rose Blackstock, is super not into Santa.

Taylor Swift

With excellent use of both Christmas attire and Drake references, I can appreciate that Tay captioned this pic with her holiday-inspired twist on "Hotline Bling."

Kim Kardashian

While there's seemingly few #tbt shots we haven't seen from the Kardashian clan, new mom Kim posted this never-before-seen snap of her and two of her sisters from 1986. In matching outfits, of course.

Zach Braff

He might not celebrate Christmas, but Zach Braff and co. look like they're having one helluva fireside serenade.

Lena Dunham

What kind of a world do we live in where someone posts an adorable photo of her boyfriend's baby outfit and has to defend themselves for it?!

Miley Cyrus

This is probably more weird than cute, but props to that lady santa.

Martha Hunt

She's absolutely correct: That's a super creepy Santa.

Uzo Aduba

YES to the sailor outfit.

Martha Stewart

I have no idea what this 'Martha Stewart Pets' business is, but it's hard not to fall in love with a dog in a hat.

If this latest crop of celebrity snaps has taught us anything, it's that all you need to take The Cutest Christmas Eve Instagram Picture Ever is a baby, a dog, or an elf hat. Get to it!

Images: Instagram