What If Robb Was Alive On 'Game Of Thrones'?

by Maura O'Malley

I miss Robb Stark. I miss his curly brown hair and his tiny mustache/beard combo. I really enjoyed his authoritative nature and I feel no one else can wear a fur pelt quite like him. Add the fact that Richard Madden also plays Prince Charming - I absolutely swoon over Robb Stark. Right now all of the hooplah is all about whether Jon Snow is alive or dead (Spoiler Alert: he's alive) but I can't stop wondering what Game of Thrones would be like if Robb Stark was still alive.

Yes, the eldest legitmate son of Ned Stark had a major messiah complex and made dumb choices that eventually lead to his death but he was too darn cute to exit Game of Thrones so early. And what a way to go! The Red Wedding so violent and so unexpected. My baby boy Robb deserved a much calmer end to his life. Robb Stark deserved to die of old age after surviving many battles, having many children, and gracing my television screen for at least five more seasons.

And I get that killing characters is George R.R. Martin's thing. I am not knocking him for his creative choices - I am just struggling to understand why they would kill off the cutest character. I need me some eye candy.

I can only imagine the possible storylines if Robb Stark was still alive:

Joffrey Would Still Be Alive

I know everyone hates Joffrey but hear me out. If Robb Stark was still alive, Joffrey probably would not have been poisoned. With these two characters alive, the series could have concluded with a final battle between these two adversaries. This battle (with Stark as the victor, obvi) would have been the rightful justice for Joffrey executing Ned Stark. Instead, these amazing characters died at two of the worst weddings on record.

Rob Could Have Married Margaery Tyrell

I know Robb totally loved his pregnant wife - blah, blah, blah. But when Margery Tyrell stepped on to the scene in season 2, I couldn't help but play mental matchmaker for these two. First off their future children would be absolutely gorgeous and when pairing up members of royalty, this is important (just ask William and Kate). Also the entire Tyrell family seems exponentially more pragmatic than the Stark clan. Maybe Robb Stark's endeavors would have been more successful with a thinker like Margaery by his side.

Stark Revenge Plot

When he was alive, all Robb Stark could talk about was avenging his family. Flash-forward a couple of seasons and most members of the Stark clan are either dead or worse off than when the series started. Basically Robb did a horrible job seeking justice for his family. It's not really his fault! He was killed off before he could make any real impact. If he was still alive the Stark family revenge train wouldn't be just Arya fighting her way to redemption. And I love warrior Arya but that girl is in desperate need of some help.

Sansa Would Never Have Married Ramsey

If Robb Stark was still alive, Sansa never would have married Ramsey and never would have been raped by him on her wedding night. Even if these events still occurred I could take solace in the fact Robb (a Stage 5 overprotect bro) would have come and murdered Ramsey in his sleep. Either way, if Robb Stark was around this storyline would have been very different.

The Robb and Tyrion The Ultimate Double-Team

Both of these characters hate Joffrey, Tywin, Jamie, and Cersai Lannister, so the logical next step would be that these two characters would team up and take over Westeros together. With Stark's good looks and Tyrion's wit, that's a storyline I would pay to see.

If Jon Snow can come back from the dead, so can Robb Stark - let's make this happen people.

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