Miley Cyrus Releases "My Sad Christmas Song"

Miley Cyrus gave us all a Christmas present this year when she surprised fans with the release of a new Christmas song on Christmas Eve called "My Sad Christmas Song." The moody Christmas track is yet another result of Cyrus' collaboration with the Flaming Lips. Cyrus dropped the song on SoundCloud via Twitter with the message "#merryf*ckingchristmas" just a few hours after initially teasing the it's release. Miley Cyrus' new Christmas song, "My Sad Christmas Song," is pretty accurately titled, and is bound to become the Christmas anthem for all those alone on Christmas.

On "My Sad Christmas Song," Cyrus sings about being alone on the Holiday over a soft, dreamy guitar. "This is my sad Christmas song / I've had it stuck in my head all day long / I wrote it in the car on my ride home / 'Cause I knew I'd walk in the door and I'd be alone," Cyrus sings on the song. Oof, talk about a blue Christmas. Despite the sad tone of the song, Cyrus seems to be having fun with her lonely Christmas — she posed for a photo for the single in an elf costume, after all — and she's already shown her Holiday spirit as a guest on Netflix's A Very Murray Christmas.

"My Sad Christmas Song" comes just a few weeks after the release of her new single "BB Talk" and continues Cyrus' business model of releasing new music to her fans for free on SoundCloud. No doubt getting the song for free has made many of her fans' sad Christmases a little brighter.