Miley Cyrus Is Crazy Festive In This Outfit

The holiday spirit is totally infectious especially on IG! Miley Cyrus went makeup-free and posed as an elf. She also got cozy with her mother Tish on her Instagram feed. You didn't actually think that pop music's wild child and her equally loud and proud IG could avoid the trappings, colors, cultural mile markers, and familial vibe of the season, did you?

The singer is pretty much a dead ringer for her mother and it was fun to see her take a pause with all of the photo editing and those additional graphics that often accompany her Insta pics. It was a natural and fresh-scrubbed snap of Cyrus as is, with her mom, just "being." It was like the Cyruses opened up a keyhole view of their holiday hangout.

Since Cyrus has been so over-the-top in the past two years, this was an out of the ordinary social media moment for her. I liked it.

Of course the former Disney star quickly followed it up with a photo of herself dressed as a Christmas elf. She looked straight out of Santa's workshop in the North Pole, as opposed to chilling in her swank Los Angeles digs with her gaggle of dogs.

Cyrus remains as unpredictable as ever. She's also got that holiday spirit, yo!

OMG, what's this? Cyrus in a cozy black sweater, posing with mom without makeup, and with her pixie growing out? It doesn't get more real than this.

That's a whole lot of look for an elf, from the stripped leggings to the candy cane-inspired shades. Cyrus really touched on a lot of Christmas elements in one elfin outfit. Of course she stuck out her tongue. Elf costume or not, her signature has to remain in place.

She also rocked an ugly Christmas sweater a few days ago. Clearly, the spirit has overtaken Cyrus. Notice that tattoo choker, which has a baby bottle charm. Thin black chokers of the '90s era will remain "in" in 2016.

Cyrus' IG is super busy and she posts often. There's lots of snaps of her onstage, rocking rainbow dreads, and smooching her dogs. So if you blink, you might have missed her going without makeup or transforming into an elf.

Images: Miley Cyrus/Instagram (3)