Kourtney May Have Celebrated Christmas With Scott

2015 has been a year filled with heartbreaking celebrity breakups, but for me, one of the worst was definitely the one that happened between Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick. They went from serious #RelationshipGoals in the beginning of the year to split up by summer, and it's even worse to see them apart at the holidays. But even though a reunion initially seemed impossible, lately, Kourtney and Scott have been spending a lot of time together. Is there hope for them?! According to Kourtney's Christmas stocking Instagram post, they might have been together on Friday after all.

On Christmas Day, Kourtney shared a poster of the family's stockings, all lined up in front of the fireplace. And as you can probably guess, there are a lot of them — and everyone is included. Even Caitlyn Jenner, Kris' boo Corey Gamble, Kylie's boyfriend, Tyga... they're all there. And it's easy to see somebody else important hasn't been left out of the festivities. Yep, that is a stocking for Scott that you see nestled between Kourtney and Kim's. Your eyes are not deceiving you.

So what does this mean? Is Scott at the Kards' for Kristmas after all? Are he and Kourtney getting back together? Are all our dreams coming true?

Unfortunately, there are no definitive answers to that particular question, and Scott has stayed (suspiciously?) quiet on social media for the holiday. But it stands to reason that Scott's stocking would have been pulled out of the photo or even off the mantle if he wasn't celebrating Christmas with the family this year... or if he wasn't even considered part of the family this year.

Even if they're not back together, it would still be awesome to see that Kourtney and Scott spent the holiday together, just like they came together for Thanksgiving this year. It would be sweet to see them put their differences aside to make Christmas awesome for their kids, if for no other reason.

Kourtney and Scott, together again. Is there a better Christmas gift to the world than that?