David Spade Calls Obama "Thirsty"

President Obama has had his fair share of critics over his two terms in the White House, but perhaps the most puzzling crier has come in the form of David Spade. On Sunday, TMZ posted a video of Spade calling Obama "thirsty" for attention in response to the president's increased exposure in the media.

Spade's criticism comes after Obama was featured in a special episode of Running Wild With Bear Grylls, in which the president and the adventurer host discussed the effects of climate change in Alaska. The episode was well received by critics and the public alike, but count Spade out. The actor told TMZ he thought a president "should have a little more dignity" than participate in reality TV. He even went on to blast First Lady Michelle Obama for going on Ellen too much and suggested the Obamas were preparing for a famous life after 2016.

"It just seems a bit thirsty for me," Spade said. "That's all. I think they're going to do fine, but they're sort of plotting after the White House. Like he's on GQ, I'm like, leave that to Bradley Cooper."

Obama is also set to appear on Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee with Seinfeld alum Jerry Seinfeld on Dec. 30.

Well, people really weren't feeling the comedian's comments, and it looks like the Twitter-verse thought Spade was a little thirsty himself for injecting himself into the Obamas' business.

Honestly, Obama is in the final months of his presidency, and frankly, he can do whatever he wants. After bringing health care reform, guiding the country through marriage equality, and raising two amazing daughters in what is arguably the harshest spotlight in the world, let him run wild with Bear Grylls and get coffee with Seinfeld in peace.