What You Forgot About The 'Full House' NYE Episode

Christmas may be over, but that doesn't mean that the holiday festivities have to end. In fact, we're about to embark on one of my favorite celebrations of the year: New Year's Eve. It's a time for reflecting on the past, looking hopefully to the future, and drinking in the present — all of which I really enjoy partaking in (though not necessarily in that order). But before the clock strikes midnight and you take your first step into the new year, there's one very special New Year's-themed TV episode that is definitely worth a rewatch. I'm referring, of course, to the Full House episode "Happy New Year," which centers around Joey's quest to find a date for — you guessed it — New Year's Eve.

It's a great episode (as most Full House episodes tend to be) and one that I hadn't gotten around to watching for quite some time. But now that I have, there were a few gems I picked up on throughout the half hour that I'd never noticed or truly appreciated before during my previous viewings. So just in case you're in need of a little refresher, here are a few things you may have missed or forgotten about this Full House New Year's classic.

1. The Caterpillar Is A Metaphor

Much like how a caterpillar transforms into a beautiful butterfly, the start of a New Year signifies a fresh start and new beginnings. Pretty deep for the kids watching, but a message that I can appreciate much more as an adult. (You know, now that I know what a metaphor is.)

2. Cordless Phones Were The Cell Phones Of The '90s

Remember how cool it was when you were no longer limited to the confines of that spiral phone cord? If only we knew what was in store. Joey would look even more excited.

3. Bangs & Scrunchies Were All The Rage

The more prominent, the better.

4. Danny & Jesse Carried Out Everyone's Worst Nightmare

In the hopes of getting Joey a date for New Year's, Jesse and Danny enrolled him in a video dating service without his knowledge or consent. In fact, the footage they submitted was of him mid-shower, covered in shaving cream. Can you imagine if your friends actually did this to you?

5. It Could Foretell Joey's Fuller House Future

At one point, Joey says: “All I want to do is marry the girl of my dreams, have a couple of kids of my own, and always know that I have a date every New Year’s Eve.” We heard multiple kids names mentioned during the Fuller House promo. Could one of them belong to Joey? Did he finally get the fairytale ending he always wanted? We'll have to wait until February to find out for sure, but perhaps this is the future the writers always had in mind for him.

6. He Becomes A Stage 5 Clinger

As much as I love Joey, his instant attachment to Christine is pretty intense. After moments of seeing her video, he proclaims that he's found the girl of his dreams and is in love with her. Slow down, Mr. Gladstone. Maybe you should, I don't know, talk to her first before you start dropping the L bomb? Thankfully, the guys are able to knock some sense into him before he elopes with her. Cut. It. Out.

7. Rusty Is Still The Worst

Ugh, I can't even with this kid.

8. Stephanie Is Still The Best

After Rusty's continuous threats to kiss her at midnight, Steph decided to take matters into her own hands and choked down a piece of onion right before the big moment. I bow down to her genius.

9. Michelle Was Not Impressed

I can't really blame her, though. When you take drinking out of the equation, New Year's gets a lot less exciting. Her wardrobe and hat attire was on fleek though. And, as usual, Comet stole the show when Full House reached the end of the big New Year's Eve countdown.

Images: Warner Bros. Television (9); Giphy