Watch J. Law Cry Meeting This Celebrity

by Christine DiStasio

So far this awards season has been full of sighing and people saying "Typical Jennifer Lawrence" to just about everything the American Hustle actress does. The Golden Globe-winner is still being her hold-nothing-back, adorable self in red carpet interviews but some people are starting to get tired of the charade — which would be fine if she wasn't still charming as hell. So yeah, when Jennifer Lawrence fangirls over meeting Homeland 's Damien Lewis on the SAG Awards red carpet and subsequently cries over hearing the spoiler that he's been killed off the show, we partially dismiss it as "typical," but we also can't help but feel her pain. Damn you people and your spoilers, you should know better.

I know, we're all desensitized to J. Law's red carpet behavior and her ability to not make us roll our eyes all the way to the back of our heads when she talks about "armpit vaginas," but this video of Lawrence getting so excited about meeting Homeland's Nicholas Brody and having the show's third season ruined for her during an Access Hollywood interview is cute.

When J. Law finds out Brody's been axed, she starts to tear up. Unfortunately for her, she doesn't realize that the real reason she should be crying is because Homeland Season 3 sucks. That's the actual travesty here. She'll just have to find that out for herself, though, like the rest of us. Onward, J. Law.