The Man Kanye Punched Is Very Suspicious

A week ago, Kanye West punched a man in the face after he yelled racial slurs at Kim Kardashian and West and threatened to kill Kardashian. I do not condone violence, but if there was ever a reason to get punched in the face... Basically, this guy was just asking for it. And now it sounds like he was literally asking for it so that he could cash out. According to new reports, the 18-year-old battery victim is now asking Kanye West for money in exchange for settling the case out of court.

Sources told TMZ that the man's lawyer allegedly called Kanye West's people saying that in order to avoid a criminal court case, West could pay the man off with several hundred thousand dollars. Apparently the man really does not want to go through a public trial and hasn't "been responsive with the police since the incident." Whether that means, he doesn't want to answer certain questions or he is avoiding talking with anyone at all costs, we don't know.

It does seem very suspicious that this guy would go out of his way to get involved with Kardashian — he originally said he was trying to defend her against paparazzi before turning on her when she told him to not call the photographers the n-word — then ask for a large sum of money to settle the case instead of taking it to court. Threatening Kim Kardashian's life is not a situation you just happen to put yourself into. I wouldn't be surprised if he was glad to be punched by West. It would allow him to make money off of his horrible behavior. Of course he couldn't have know West would be there, but maybe Kardashian would've attacked him or he would've be able to sell a story to a tabloid. Who knows. Additionally, TMZ is reporting that the man has no apparent injuries.

We'll have to keep waiting to see what happens with this one as it almost certainly won't end with the victim getting hundreds of thousands of dollars.