Ringo Starr's Craziest Tweets are So Lovable

Ringo Starr is excited about playing the Grammys with Paul McCartney but not as excited as he is to have won the Lifetime of Peace and Love award from the David Lynch Foundation last night. "It's a weird place to be this evening," Starr said onstage as he was presented with the award. "All this praise is overwhelming really."

"Everybody loves Ringo," Foundation head Lynch said. "Not just because he's a Beatle, not just because he's one of the tastiest drummers ever, but because he radiates that peace and love."

And he does radiate it. "Peace and love" has been Ringo's motto for too many years to count. Or as he says in his Liverpudlian accent, "Peace and luhv." In fact, this motto has taken over his life to the point that it's become synonymous with "sincerely" for him. When he got a Twitter account he started signing most of his tweets with the infamous message. So in honor of Starr's "Peace and Love" award, here are his best peace and love tweets.

This was his first tweet which signaled that this was clearly going to become one of the best Twitter feeds ever. I have a theory that he tried having Siri compose the message but his accent mangled things turning his trademark phrase into "pisa love"

Thanks for clearing that up Ringo. I feel way less confused now.

It's me, he's talking about me.

In collecting these tweets I'm starting to think perhaps we should be concerned that Ringo suffered a stroke at some point?

Honestly I hadn't noticed.

I'm not worried about the stroke anymore, Ringo is just a sassy old man.

I don't really want to know what's involved in a de-tweaking process...

Congratulations mystery Columbian lady.

He's just so darn adorable.

Definitely the nicest way to address hackers.

Though his niceties don't extend to Jimmy Fallon.

But only on Wednesdays.

Image: rongo-sturr/Tumblr