Scott Disick Reveals His "Dream Girl"

Whether you're Team Scott or Team Kourtney in the now-infamous split between Kourney Kardashian and Scott Disick that occurred in 2015, you can't deny that Scott Disick has at least some of his priorities straight. The longtime couple, who have three children together, broke up over what was rumored to be Disick's partying, and, as of right now, they still have yet to reconcile. Many Keeping Up With The Kardashian fans are hoping for those crazy kids to work it out and get back together, but, even if he and Kardashian aren't together, they both seem very focused on, and dedicated to, being good parents to their children. In fact, Scott Disick posted a picture of Penelope Disick to his Instagram early Tuesday morning that will endear him to any haters that might be lingering around out there. It might be the holiday season, and thus prime time for partying, but Disick's priorities are still where they should be right now: with his kids.

"Dream girl," the adorable shot of Penelope sleeping was captioned. Disick is surely looking forward to his upcoming New Year's Eve bash, 1Oak's party at The Mirage Hotel & Casino, but his holiday was spent with his family, and that's really sweet to see in the midst of this ongoing split between him and Kardashian. It not only gives me hope that the two might get back together down the line, when Disick has worked through his personal issues and in a place where he is ready to be a part of Kardashian's life again, but also that, even during this low point in his life, he is not letting those issues touch his relationship with his children. I mean, just look at this picture.

Whatever else you might say about Disick, or about the Kardashians in general, you can't deny that they put their kids above all else, and are wonderful parents to them. No matter how angry some fans might be at Disick (you know, unless they're Team Scott or Team Both), it's moments like this that remind you of exactly what it is that Kardashian sees in Disick, and exactly why the two of them made such a strong couple, especially as parents. Just try to look at this photograph and not melt at the idea of the fun day of family activities that Penelope must have fallen asleep after doing for the holidays. Just. Try. Not. To. Melt. You can't.