Oscar Isaac Needs To Pursue A Music Career

Star Wars: The Force Awakens has catapulted all of its stars to impressive heights of fame. Newcomers Daisy Ridley and John Boyega in particular are enjoying the movie's success, while other stars, who have been steadily building careers, like Oscar Isaac, are finally getting the recognition they deserve. Oscar Isaac plays Poe Dameron in Episode VII, and his performance in The Force Awakens has made everyone all over the world fall in love with him, and rightly so. People are feverish for more information about the actor, and that's exactly what I'm here for. For instance, did you know that Oscar Isaac can sing?

Before Star Wars made him a household name, Isaac was making well-respected movies. In addition to playing the lead in Inside Llewyn Davis, which earned him a Golden Globe nomination, Oscar Isaac was in independent rom-com 10 Years, alongside a plethora of stars including Channing Tatum, Chris Pratt, Rosario Dawson, Aubrey Plaza, and Kate Mara. The best part about 10 Years, aside from the fact that movies about high school reunions are always legendary, is that Oscar Isaac plays Reeves, a majorly successful and famous musician. Talk about winning your reunion. And the most perfect moment in the film is when, during karaoke, he performs his biggest hit single. It's an original song, and you have to watch it immediately.

The song, "Never Had," was written by Isaac himself, for his character to sing in the movie. In an interview with Complex, Isaac said, "Once I got the role, the producers were sending me different possibilities for songs. But I've been playing and writing music my whole life, and thought that I would love to take on the challenge of creating a song that we can use for the movie. So I wrote a song called 'Never Had,' and he loved it, and I ended up performing the song live." The fact that Isaac wrote the song, and sang it live for the movie, proves what an awesome musical talent he is, as well as being a total hottie, and one of Hollywood's most promising actors right now.

One of the reasons that the song "Never Had" is so beautiful is the meaning that the movie attaches to it. In 10 Years , Oscar Isaac's character, Reeves, has become a success story since high school, and has returned to his reunion where he gets to see the woman who inspired his hit song. In serenading her with it, he's able to reconnect with a person he thought would only live on as a ghost in his memory. It's totally beautiful, and Kate Mara's reaction to being serenaded is just the cutest.

Speaking to blackfilm.com, Isaac said, "That song ‘Never Had’ in particular is about the idea of regret, and looking back and wishing thing could be different... That is something that has a universal appeal." Since the song was recorded live, it took a lot of takes to get it right, but the end result, which I just think is perfect (go ahead and try to disagree with me!), was totally worth all the work. In his interview with blackfilm.com, Isaac says, "That was an entire day, and we did 26 takes. By the end, everyone who was there, knew every single word to the song, and pretend to be hearing it for the first time. We did it live. None of it was overdubbed." If there was ever proof that a person was cut out to be a musician, this is it!

This isn't the only instance of Oscar Isaac singing on film. He's recorded multiple songs for Inside Llewyn Davis , and sharing original content on YouTube as well. But this is by far my favorite. It's the song that made me fall in love with him, and the main reason to watch 10 Years (aside from the fact that Channing Tatum and Chris Pratt are in it). Oscar Isaac should pursue a music career after Star Wars, 100 percent! I need more songs like "Never Had" in my life, please and thanks.

Image: NightMadeOfLight/YouTube