J. Lo & Her Twins Are So Sweet

I am a self-professed Jennifer Lopez fanatic and I have been one since the moment I watched Selena. As a young Latina, singer Selena Quintanilla was my role model. J. Lo embodied her spirit perfectly and she's been doing her thing and representing for us ever since. But one thing that I love more than J. Lo the superstar is J. Lo the mommy, because it shows that this badass woman can handle it ALL. Jennifer Lopez recently shared some cute photos of herself dancing with her twins, Max and Emme, at Kris Jenner's Christmas party, but it was only one of many sweet moments between Lopez and her adorable twins.

I know it's perfectly acceptable to be a celebrity mom who likes to keep her children private, but it seems like 7-year-old twins Max and Emme have a lot of personality and it's almost impossible to hide. I mean, their parents are salsa superstar Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez — they were destined to be big personalities. Apart from her incredible career successes, it's obvious that J. Lo is, first and foremost, extremely proud of being Max and Emme's mother, so here are some cute moments that capture their adorable and very close relationship.

1. When They Danced Together

There's only one thing to say: awww!!

2. When They Handled The Red Carpet Like Pros

Max looks like he's been doing this for years.

3. When They Wished Their Fans A Merry Christmas

Once again, looking very comfortable in front of the cameras.

4. When They Celebrated Mother's Day

What could be better than snuggling with your babies on Mother's Day?

5. When They Made Silly Faces

The kids posed with their mom and dad at their 7th birthday party and looked happier than ever.

6. When They Only Had Eyes For Their Momma

Look at those adorable heart eyes!

7. When They Had A Snuggly Sunday Funday

J. Lo looks like she's in heaven.

8. When They Looked Like Triplets

I mean, look at that golden skin and those perfect smiles!

Max and Emme are lucky to have Lopez as the momma who adores them, through and through.