7 Ways To Save Money On Your Beauty Routine

Let's be real, sometimes beauty products can get madly expensive. Fortunately, these ways to save money on your beauty routine will let you look and feel your best even when your wallet is running a bit thin. Yay for budget-friendly glamour!

As a 23-year-old fashion and beauty writer in New York, the finance versus style struggle is especially real. After paying for rent, a metro card, and food (and OK fine, all of the lattes and occasional cocktails I consume), there's not a lot of money left to update my makeup bag or bathroom counter.

Luckily, thanks to the hacks below, I've learned how to keep my look fresh without spending a fortune (or charging my credit card into oblivion). With a little planning, patience, and the occasional DIY craftiness, saving money and still getting to be true to my style and take care of my body is not only feasible, but pretty fun. Although I'm sure there's a rush after dropping hundreds on new products, I am all about that "muaha!" success feeling of saving myself tons of money while still looking and feeling my very best.

If you're in the same beauty junkie budget boat, incorporate these tips into your life ASAP.

1. Consider Coconut Oil Your Everything Product

Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, $20.49, Kirkland Signature

A jar of organic coconut oil might seem expensive, but you can use it as a face mask, makeup remover, a deep conditioning hair mask, and even a teeth whitener!

2. Try The Dime-Size Amount

I'm totally guilty of squeezing out way too much shampoo and conditioner into my hair, but in the end, it's just wasteful. Less is more, guys! Most bottles of shampoo advise using a "dime-sized amount" and that's legitimately all you need unless your hair is especially long or thick.

3. Make Your Own Face Masks

Yes, fancy store-bought masks are fun. But if you're really trying to tighten up your budget, you can concoct an equally impressive and super cheap moisturizing face mask from the comfort of your own kitchen.

4. Use Multi-Purpose Makeup

Cheek Stain, $30, Tarte

Did you know you can totally use nude eyeshadow kits as contouring powders? Or cream blush as lip stain? Get creative with what's already in your makeup bag!

5. Plump Your Lips With Cinnamon Oil

Cinnamon Cassia Essential Oil, $5.96, Plant Therapy

As revealed in Cosmopolitan, the main ingredient in most lip plumpers is cinnamon oil, which you can buy on the cheap at natural food stores or online and just use a little directly on your lips. Finish with lip balm and voila.

6. Recycle Your Tubes

The Matte Lipstick, $17, MAC

Makeup artist Laura McGuire spilled to Cosmopolitan, "If you recycle your old lipstick tubes, some companies, like MAC, will give you a new lipstick for free. And other companies, such as Stila, make eco-friendly, reusable compacts with refills that can cost a lot less than buying a whole new powder or eye shadow every time." Say. What.

7. Splurge Wisely

Falling In Love Fragrance, $48, Philosophy

Sometimes, nothing budget-friendly will replicate a product you truly love. When you know that's the case, save up and really treat yourself shamelessly on that one special product. Mine is Philosophy's Falling In Love perfume!

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Images: Isla Murray/Bustle; Courtesy of Brands