Watch An Overjoyed Baby Eat His First Bacon Slice

I have a confession to make: I did not try bacon until I was 19 years old. That is why this glorious video of a baby trying bacon for the first time resonates with me on such a personal, bone-deep, existential level. Little Easton, the star of this video, will fortunately not live through as many years in the dark re: the eternal glory of bacon the way that I did. His parents had the good sense to introduce him to this mind-blowing morsel, fittingly on Christmas Day, marking this as the best Christmas gift this young child has ever — and possibly will ever — receive. Did you feel that pulse in the force, fellow bacon lovers? Another human has joined our ranks.

I think, as of late, we've gotten confused about the true reason for the season. Is it about presents? Is it about family? Is it about blasting the Obamas' curated Christmas Spotify playlist through your house as many times as 24 hours allows? Nay, friends — it is about all of those things, but most importantly, the magic in a child's eye. The magic in this child's eye. Just look at Easton the moment that bacon hits his baby tastebuds for the first time:

PURE. BLISS. That, my friends, is the face of a human transcended.

Every time a baby tries bacon an angel gets its wings.

Of course, it's not entirely mystifying that Easton would react this way, given our very real and scientifically-proven love for bacon. Twenty-three percent of men polled in a study claimed bacon was their favorite scent; the average American consumes 18 pounds of bacon a year. So while it's a little late for Easton to catch up for 2015, at least he's doing a banner job of getting 2016 prepped and ready.

As for me and the whole "putting off bacon until I was 19" thing — I don't even have an excuse. I just ... I didn't know. Maybe if my parents had been sage enough to share the power of bacon with my in my toddlerhood, I would have been spared my fate; at at very least, I can gain supreme comfort by knowing that, thanks to parents like Easton's, one less child is uneducated in the glory of bacon. Watch the full video of his reaction here (but fair warning, you might want to start cooking yourself some bacon before you start):

Images: YouTube