We Need More 'Billy On The Street' ASAP

New Year's Day may be right around the corner, but before 2015 officially comes to a close we still have one very important event to look forward to before the clock strikes midnight. (And no, I'm not referring to the NYC Ball Dropping ceremony.) The Billy on the Street Season 4 finale is set to air Thursday at 10:30 p.m. ET on truTV and it's already looking to be a rip-roaring good time. (As if Billy Eichner would have it any other way.) The half hour episode will include a challenging game of “Kris Jenner or Gepetto?” as well as special appearances from Juliana Margulies, Lucy Liu, and of course Elena. Suffice to say, we can always count on Billy to entertain us, which is why I'm hopeful that a Billy on the Street Season 5 renewal is bound to be in the works.

While it's true that Eichner's series has yet to be picked up for another season, I'm confident that the show has a bright future ahead of itself. Billy on the Street has provided us with some truly hilarious moments throughout the years, so the thought of it being cancelled seems borderline preposterous. So in honor of Billy and the many laughs he's delivered, I've taken the liberty of rounding up some of my favorite clips from Season 4. Let it serve as proof as to why this series deserves another go.

The Curious Case Of Chris Pratt

Hey, remember when NO ONE knew who Chris Pratt was? That was a crazy time, but one that sure proved to be comedy gold. (Also, get it together, people of New York!)

Anna Kendrick: The Cat Whisperer

What does Katy Perry's cat, Kitty Purry, care about? Thanks to the hysterical talents of Pitch Perfect's Anna Kendrick, we now know! I suppose you could say it makes for the purrrfect clip.

The Jason Sudeikis Bro Down

In backwards baseball caps, Billy and Sudeikis took to the streets of New York and asked the really hard questions — like which is better: Aladdin or Wicked? It just really makes you think, you know?

Amy Sedaris Claims Shondaland

This was the ultimate obstacle course, which not only included Wig Mountain and an Olivia Popemobile, but also culminated in Sedaris sliding into a pool full of Kerry Washington’s tears. Consider this challenge handled.

LaTina Fey

She may not have won the challenge of naming 20 Latino performers in one minute, but just like Billy so eloquently put it, this proves that "even Tina Fey is flawed." A comforting notion if there ever was one.

Will Ferrell The Elf, What's Your Favorite Color?

In honor of his iconic portrayal of Buddy the Elf, Will and Billy ran through the streets spreading Christmas cheer as loud and obnoxiously as possible. This truly was a blessed year.

So come on, truTV. Give Billy on the Street the Season 5 pickup it deserves. Let's make 2016 the year of laughs.

Image: truTV/YouTube