Prince William's Pre-Kate GFs Weren't Royal Either

It's hard to imagine a world before Prince William and Kate Middleton were together, but it happened. A long, long time ago, before there was the most epic royal wedding of all time, before Pippa stole the show, before George and Charlotte were ever born, William and Middleton weren't together... and even worse, they even dated other people. Not like this comes as a shock, though. After all, William's a pretty good looking dude, and Middleton is gorgeous, so obviously, other people were definitely interested in them. So who did Prince William date before Middleton? There's a list of lucky ladies, even though it's quite short.

But let's face it: How much time do you actually have to date when you're a prince? He may have lived his life as normally as possible, but what even is normal when you're royalty? Fortunately, though, it looks like he had plenty of time to sow his wild oats before settling down with Middleton, and it's a good thing. With every relationship, even the ones that don't work out, you grow, and it made him into the perfect guy for Middleton to say "I do" to.

Here are some of William's former loves — the ones that have gone public, anyway. They may not have married him, but they did get to feel like a Disney princess for at least a little while. Sigh.

Rose Farquhar

According to Daily Mail,Farquhar was William's first love when they dated back in 2000, when William would have been 18 years old. Reportedly, they met at the Beaufort Polo Club during Will's gap year, and the rest was history. Well, not exactly, since they broke up. But you know what I mean. These days, she's a singer.

Jecca Craig

Looks like William bounced back from his heartbreak pretty quickly, because by 2001, he was dating Jecca Craig. They've managed to stay friends after the fact, though, and she was even invited to his wedding to Middleton, and last year, they even took a hunting trip together in Spain — with Harry and other friends along, of course.

Arabella Musgrave

According to E!, William and Musgrave met at a holiday party in 2001 and didn't date officially while William was away at school, but would still hang out when he came home. This might be the most normal thing I've ever heard about a member of the royal family, because didn't we all have someone like that in college?

Olivia Hunt

William and Hunt dated while they were at St. Andrew's University — yep, the same place he met Middleton. But now, Hunt is engaged to boyfriend Nick Wilkinson, so all's well that ends well, right?

Regardless of who William dated before Middleton, it's easy to see that they're happy together. And now, with Princess Charlotte? Their family is the cutest ever.