5 Ways To Fix Over-Conditioned Curls

by Augusta Statz

If you’re like me, you probably think it’s impossible to over-condition those curls. Well, turns out it’s nearly impossible to use too much conditioner, but it can be done. Here are five ways to fix over-conditioned curls in case you do find yourself guilty of using too much moisturizing product on your hair.

Curls need a good combo of protein and moisture, and it’s possible to not get the perfect balance for those tendrils. You can tell if your hair has too much moisture, according to Just Curly, if it’s extremely soft and a little more limp and lifeless than normal. Of course, the other tell-tell sign is if your hair becomes greasy, which happens to be extremely rare for most curly hair types.

If you do happen to notice your hair feeling a little too soft or not having as much volume, then you likely need to use protein to strengthen and give life back to those curly-qs. Whether you need a quick fix or a longterm treatment to prevent over-moisturizing, these five ways will help you get your locks back to normal. If you’re a fellow curly-head, you understand the importance of having a little pep in your step and your hair because feels better than perfectly bouncy curls.

1. Wash With Just Shampoo

For a quick fix to over-conditioned hair, wash your hair with just shampoo to get rid of some of that moisturizing product that's leftover in your hair.

2. Use A Protein Treatment

A protein treatment will help revitalize hair, so there's no reason not to do this every once in a while whether your hair's had too much moisture or not. As an added bonus, they're easy to DIY right at home.

3. Go Easy On The Styling Products

If your hair already has too much moisture, avoid using styling products that also moisturize.

4. Prevent Crunchiness With A Little Oil

I've used too much conditioner and had my hair get crunchy before, so if this has happened to you, a little oil can help. Rub it into the strands to get rid of that stiff, crunchy texture.

5. Use Protein Heavy Conditioners

Aphogee Keratin Reconstructor, $12, Amazon

A conditioner that moisturizes and adds protein to your hair is recommended for a problem with over-moisturized hair. This method is the best of both worlds.

Get those curls back in tip-top shape with these tips because there's nothing like having flawless locks.

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