Jennifer Garner Might Be Dating Patrick Dempsey?!

Despite 2015 being a super depressing year for a bunch of celebrity couples splitting, it looks like 2016 is going to be one filled with love. Well, at least I hope so. According to OK! Magazine (via Daily Mail), Jennifer Garner and Patrick Dempsey may be dating. (?!?) It's like the plot of Valentine's Day is coming to life — save for that whole thing where Dempsey played a ladies' man who was cheating on his wife with Garner's character.

Still, it seems that the two had such "great chemistry" during the 2010 movie they may just be taking that connection off-screen. Reportedly, they have been "secretly dating" and have been "texting and Skyping." Per a source, their alleged relationship started "a few months back" when Garner invited the former Grey's Anatomy star to coffee."They've been friends for years... it was only natural for them to confide in each other," the insider said. "As soon as they started talking, the spark was evident to both of them. Jen was relieved — and excited."

Per this source, the actors even went on a second date "that ended up lasting a whole weekend." The source said, "Patrick has been treating her like a queen. It's refreshing after Ben." It appears that Dempsey is just has happy about their romance as Garner. The same source told OK!, "He can be a hothead, so talking to someone as calm and sweet [as] Jen is very soothing."

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Now that Garner and Ben Affleck have split and Dempsey and his wife are divorcing, I guess this makes perfect sense. Right? Now, I'm sure not many fans would ever imagine that these actors would get together, but they definitely make a cute couple. Here's further proof.

Each Of Their Smiles Will Make The Other Swoon

Come. On. I can't be the only one who is swooning over here.

They Know How To Deal With Love In Hollywood

Both have had their relationships fully under the microscope, so the fact that they know how to date in Hollywood (and have been doing it for some time), that might just make their rumored relationship a success.

They Have Experience With Tons Of On-Screen Romance, Too

Just think how many romantic comedies they've both starred in. From 13 Going on 30 to Made of Honor to Enchanted to most obviously Valentine's Day, they definitely know a lot about romance, especially real-life vs. the movie version.

Their Dance Skills Are On Point

Need I say more?

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