Guns N' Roses To Reunite At ... Coachella?

Hold onto your ripped jeans and big hair, ‘80s fans, because reports are circulating that Guns N' Roses are reuniting at Coachella in 2016 and this time it might be for real. The festival lineup won’t be confirmed officially until January 5, 2016, but there have been many hints and teases pointing to a reunion between some of the original band members, including a revamped home page, a reported makeup between Slash and Axl, and a report from The Hollywood Reporter claiming that multiple sources have confirmed the news. But whether or not the reunion is confirmed makes no difference to me, because this news is making all of my ‘80s dreams come true. Seriously, guys, I’m sitting here listening to “November Rain” and weeping with joy. Because all I want to do now is pull out my neon leg warmers, my bottle of Aquanet, and my bandana and Go. To. Town.

Eighties town, that is, because aside from Janet Jackson and, like, early New Kids on the Block, there is nothing that I love from the ‘80s more than Guns ‘N Roses. Hold me back before I break out my air guitar.

The fact that this iconic ‘80s band might get back together has been long-rumored since they broke up in 1993. Even back then rumors circulated that a reunion was eminent, and even though multiple mini reunions happened between 1999 and 2014, including get-togethers with a few members of the original band at a time, a reunion with the band’s most notorious members — Slash and Axl Rose — has never happened. And, trust me, if the band had wanted to reunite, they would have had plenty of occasion, including their 2012 induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Even then the guys couldn’t put their differences aside or get their schedules in sync to make a reunion happen.

But over the past few months the rumor mills have picked up again, what with Slash talking about what it would be like to do a reunion (Slash! What are you doing to us!) on CBS This Morning . And this is after years — years! — of banning any questions about reunions during interviews. And then there was the news that Slash dropped in August of this year, that he and Axl Rose had buried the hatchet and were friends again.

Miracle of miracles!

And then there were the mysterious teasers that some Star Wars fans saw as they settled into movie theaters to see The Force Awakens. A number of moviegoers confirmed to UltimateClassicRock.com that they were treated to what seemed to be a black and white teaser of Guns N' Roses performances without further explanation. Clearly the band is getting us pumped up for something, but what exactly has yet to be confirmed.

So until the official Coachella lineup is announced on January 5, I’ll just be over here, clutching my copy of Appetite for Destruction and trying not to cry.

Get your lighters ready, rock fans. I have a feeling whatever news that comes out in the next few days about this band is going to be huge.

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