Juan Pablo's Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Juan Pablo really wants this headache of a week to go away, even playing the pity card in his latest Bachelor recap blog. "It was a little hard to start writing after all that has happened during the past few days..." Am I supposed to feel bad that he's been held accountable for his deplorable views on gay people? Juan Pablo has apologized twice, though it seems people aren't overly eager to forgive and forget so J.P. has left them with this: "My apology was not enough, so I guess time and my actions will let people know who I really am."

It's true that words aren't Juan Pablo's strong point, what with the language gap and all, so if he wants us to rate him based on his actions, I'm totally up for that. Let's take a look at the person he's been on these last few episodes of The Bachelor and see if his actions warrant his being put back in our good graces.


Okay, so the nude shots were done for the adoption of animals, whatever. The point is that Andi was super uncomfortable posing naked because she's a badass lawyer who wants to be taken seriously, and I don't blame her. I mean at this point she'd only known Juan Pablo for two weeks and spent all of like maybe six total hours with him. I wouldn't want to get naked in front of him (or a bunch of cameras) either.

When she voiced her concern Juan Pablo listened to her, but instead of saying, "Totally, you don't have to do it," he kind of sweet talked his way into getting her to do it by saying he was going to do it with her and it was going to be okay. Maybe he did really care, but all I see is a guy who allowed women to strip down with him even though they were scared to tears at the idea of doing it.


Okay, sure, he was all like "It's okay, you don't have to if you don't want to" but that was only after a really, really long time of trying to convince a terrified Chelsie into bungee jumping with him. Like with Andi and the naked photo shoot, he said, "Just do it for me, and I'm doing it for you" as Chelsie continued to work herself up into an understandable terrified frenzy. Pro tip: if the girl is literally sobbing, she probably doesn't want to jump off a ledge so asking "do you want to do this?" seems really insensitive.

That said, it was her decision to jump, and she did seem to enjoy the experience.


"Just forget about them," he said to Sharleen when she expressed her dislike of the cameras capturing her every minute. Gee, thanks Juan Pablo. I'm sure she totally never tried just forgetting about them! "You're good at staying yourself despite all [the cameras.]" Sharleen told him. "You can do that too," Juan Pablo unhelpfully advised.

4. He's focused on looks

I feel like Juan Pablo talks about people's looks more than any other Bachelor. The nice things he has to say about the girls always boils down to how attractive they are, so it's no wonder that he's kissing them like a mad man. Look, far be it for me to judge what he does with his tongue, I just have to say for a man who has a daughter to go around and kiss two girls right after each other on the same date while everyone else can see? A little bit too much. They weren't tiny kisses either, they were full on make out sessions. But this is the man who bit his finger in sexual frustration after seeing some of the girls arrive in the limo. His playboy attitude is way more threatening to children watching this show than any gay Bachelor would be.


Let's ignore the words he said. I know that's hard to do, but let's look at the handling of it. After apologizing and basically making matters worse, he seemed to get upset that people wouldn't just forgive him and move on. He tweeted this following message with some undesirable caps-lock. It's one of his Twitter trademarks, but here it just seems aggressive. Like we're not allowed to comment on his actions if we're not bilingual.

And then there was the whole bit in his Bachelor blog to make us feel guilty if we haven't accepted his apologies yet. I just think that if he wants us to judge him on his actions, those aren't making a much better case for him, especially for someone who admitted his greatest fear is not being a good role model for his daughter. J.P. might want to check himself while there's still time to make things up to the viewers and the people he so easily judged.