Why Did Kylie Jenner Get A Red Tattoo?

The majority of script or "word" tattoos are done in black ink. Yes, there are plenty of exceptions, but black is generally the prevailing color. Unless, of course, you are Kylie Jenner, who got a red hip tattoo. Why did the reality star, known for her raven locks, her love of blue hair extensions, and her deep brown, matte lips, opt to have the phonetic spelling for "Sanity" etched in the color red, which isn't really one of her shade signatures when it comes to her other features?

Well, we won't know until Jenner herself decides it's time to declassify the details and opens up about this much-discussed, shrouded-in-mystery tattoo. However, there are plenty of ways we can speculate about why she went with red, given all of the emotions and other general things with which the color is associated.

Jenner got the phonetic spelling of the word "Sanity" inked on her hip and it has aroused tons of curiosity about its meaning. I'm firmly of the belief that it's a reminder to keep her head up and to stay grounded amid the general chaos and insanity that surrounds her life as a super famous reality star. But in all actuality, it could mean anything.

Let's explore four possible reasons for red.

1. Red Is The Color Of Passion, Love, Blood, & Fire

David Buchan/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Think of all the things the color red represents. It connotes passion, love, blood, anger, and fire. Those are all things that can consume and destroy you. They also make life thrilling. Perhaps Jenner chose to go with red ink as a contrast to the tattoo's meaning.

The insanity of her passions and her life are tempered by the red-etched "sanity." At the end of the day, the color red can symbolize any or all of those things and are run through the filter of Jenner's life experiences.

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Plus, you can apply what Taylor Swift said about naming one of her albums Red to Jenner's life in much the same way.

At the time she revealed the album title, Swift said, "All those emotions — spanning from intense love, intense frustration, jealousy, confusion, all of that — in my mind, all those emotions are red. You know, there's nothing in between. There's nothing beige about any of those feelings." Makes sense, right?

2. Red Pops Against The Skin

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Check out the "vintage" pic of Jenner above, with a slick of red lipstick on her lips before they became her most famous feature. Nowadays, Jenner is known for her suede-like, matte neutrals. But doesn't this bright red just pop against her skin? Maybe that's why she opted for this hue for her "Sanity" tattoo.

3. Normal Is Boring

Why go with black ink for a "word" tattoo when you can go with red? Everyone else does red. Normal and expected are boring. This could be Jenner's way of stepping outside of the box and doing something different with something as commonplace as a tattoo.

4. She Even Gave Bang Bang A Red Tattoo

According to Bang Bang's rep, Jenner specifically reached out to the artist since she loved the delicate script tattoos he inked on Selena Gomez. She also checked out his book Bang Bang: My Life in Ink and asked if he lets all of his celeb clients turn the needle on him, which is his "thing." Bang Bang said that his clients reciprocating doesn't always happen, but that Jenner could ink him if she so desired. Of course she did, etching a red crown and "K" on him.

Jenner really likes red tattoos, it seems.

Images: Kylie Jenner/Instagram (2); Bang Bang NYC/Instagram (1)