Is Kylie Jenner's Hip Tattoo Real?

In a way, temporary tattoos are like hair extensions. They are (obviously) not permanent and they can let you change your look drastically for a hot minute. So what's the deal with Kylie Jenner's hip tattoo? Is it real? The reality star got the phonetic spelling of the word "Sanity" inked in red on her hip. Has it permanently joined her (literally) small tattoo collection, which also includes a red heart on the fleshy part of the back of her arm?

Well, there's really no reason to think it's a wash-off or temporary tattoo. There are several reasons that support the claim that it's a real inking and Bustle reached out to Bang Bang's rep for comment and is waiting to hear back.

First, Jenner did share a video of herself going under the needle in NYC back in November. So there's photographic proof that she got inked and in the same region as her "Sanity" tattoo. She didn't immediately put that tattoo on display on her Instagram and I sorta forgot about it. There is some speculation that the November tattoo is something totally different; some fans think it's a word in script and that it was done in black ink. So the red "Sanity" tat could veritably be living on the opposite hip. Either way, she's not a tattoo virgin so fakes are kind of pointless.

Second, when she posted this photo of the healed, all-red, one word, and phonetically-spelled tattoo, the teen also tagged Bang Bang NYC, the famous tattoo parlor where all the celebs, like Rihanna, get inked. Why would she tag a legit tattoo establishment if her artwork was faux? That would seem pretty ridiculous and counterintuitive. The shop's official Insta account also regrammed the image, which is good for business. It would be whack to share an image of a tattoo that isn't... real!

Bang Bang, who just released Bang Bang: My Life in Ink, a killer book documenting his work, also posted a video of Jenner returning the favor and inking him, which has all sorts of legal and health implications, but I am not going there right now. Perhaps Jenner got both hip tats at once? It's a possibility! The artist did label her his "latest victim" in another photo post.

That said, her "Sanity" ink is cute. It's fitting, since her life is chaos. It's also easy to show off when wearing a crop top and leggings and it's also simple to hide. It's also smart, since it's not someone else's name!

Upon closer inspection, it looks clean and legit. Could you imagine how trolled her 46 million followers would feel if they found it was a fake? It would be such a "Come on!"-type let down.

The red heart on her arm is a micro tattoo. But it's adorbs and it matches her newest ink because #symmetry.

Jenner is also 18, which is the legal age to get a tattoo, so there's that.

All signs point to the "Sanity" tattoo being legit.

UPDATE: Bang Bang's rep confirmed to Bustle that the red tattoo is indeed the same tattoo that Jenner got back in November and that artist stated that it was a red tattoo at the time. The artist also revealed that Jenner was super ticklish while getting tattooed and wasn't in much pain!

Images: Kylie Jenner/Instagram (2); Bang Bang NYC/Instagram (1)